Friday, April 21, 2017

Fridays are good...

 Well, I don't have much to show for the day, but it was an ok day.  Up early as usual and ran a bunch of errands all before 10am.  Got all my Easter returns done and I'm hoping I don't have to step back into a non-Kroger store for awhile!  Shopping has become my nemesis!  By 10am Loggy and I were snuggled in the loft eating our midmorning snack.  Not as good as they looked bc they were stale chips.  Apparently we have not had chips n cheese in a few weeks.  Bummer.
 He was bummed that Octonauts is no longer on Netflix and there was no Mickey to be found either. So he has settled on a new show about Goldilocks.  Kinda weird.  Then we read for a long time...had to get his reading log for preschool done.  He loves these old Veggie Tale books. I think they were Dylan's.  They have CD's that I need to try to find this weekend.  He has quite a sense of humor about him...he reminds me of Dylan.  :)
 Picked up this girl from school since track practice was canceled again. I didn't really thinks she'd want to grace SB with her presence given her unfortunate pukefest after having SB at the airport at 1am.  But she REALLY wanted to go and get the new Unicorn Frappuccino which is apparently awesome and only out for another week or so?  But sadly, all our Bloomy SB were sold out.  So she settled for a caramel macchiato and a cake pop (bc they were also out of sugar cookies...not her day!) she texted Hailey to see if she had had the new Unicorn drink...see pics below.....
 Shelb went to core group and then to a friend's house for the evening...and Loggy and I decided it was an easy dinner night so off to Pizza Hut we went!  He got lucky and found 50 cents in this machine so he had to play it to win candy (we need candy like a hole in the head...never had so much Easter candy ever and I am eating most of it!)  But he was excited he won some tootsie rolls...and he got a quarter back!
 Trying to talk me into spending more money on this machine.  He's definitely good at arguing lately.  "Now listen to me, mom"..."Mom, you are not listening!" :)
 She was excited to use her Book it coupon!  I was happy for an easy dinner...and yummy too. And cheap!  This box thing with all the trimmings is only $10 and feeds us all with leftovers.
 Arrgggh!  Dylan is going to a murder mystery bday party for his friend on Sunday. He needed a costume.  Shopping Sharon will love that we are using her red coat...but it was all we had for Captain Hook!  And daddy made a nice hook out of a cup and foil.  Nice!
 Not the night we intended. I had rented SING and planned to have popcorn and milkshakes, but Ash didn't make great headway on her Hammerhead project (due Monday...last minute as usual!) and daddy also was helping print stuff...
 And Loggy had made a mess of the loft...and Dylan had forgotten his homework at school, so his punishment was to do all the laundry.   This took all evening.
They made the best of it though. D never complained and did all the laundry...and Lo was happy with himself for cleaning up pretty quickly. He was dancing to Trolls music here :)  But he ended up pretty mad bc he never got his popcorn or shake or movie.  Hopefully tomorrow night, buddy!
 Here's the famous Unicorn Frappuccino...apparently NYC has them!  Hailey was nice enough to run and get one at her corner SB and take a close-up for her sad sister, who wanted to try this sour thing!
Nice.  Just rubbing it in Shelb's face.  That's what sisters are for!  Wish we were in NYC to get one. I miss that city.  This rainy city we're in is the pits!

Now off to rest before the busy weekend!

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