Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Guest Day, Chipotle night...and all the in betweens :)

 Well, it was our crazy Wednesday...but it ended up being a tad bit less crazy bc we had Nina and Poppy here to help!  It was Guest Day at preschool and they made sure to come home early from AZ so they could be there with Loggy!  He was super excited!  He waited by the new church entrance for them til they got there!  It was the first time Poppy has been at a preschool Guest Day...usually he was working and Nina just went...and lately they are always in AZ.  I am glad they came back for it. I am a boring guest bc I'm always there. But Daddy would have made an awesome guest too :) Maybe next year....
 I was supposed to help set up, but they must have done it early this morning so I just took a pic of Logan's table and ran off to Ashley's school to help. She never even saw me bc she was in the 3rd grade room the whole time.  But I did have fun reading Fudge books with her friends.  I think one of her classmates has a crush on me...he has told me the last couple times how good I look and last time he told me I looked "cute" :)  lol  Funny 2nd graders!
 Someone who was Star Student recently, got to have lunch with the principal today! and fancy food, a movie and ice cream sandwiches!  And fun for me bc I didn't have to pack her a lunch!
 Time flew and before we knew it we were picking the gang up from schools...these two first...then Shelb from track practice, then off to violin, then to Wendy's.  Ash was in a soda trance...we usually don't get kid's meals, but they are on sale now.  YAY!
 Look who showed up for dinner! The guy I hadn't seen all day...I missed my preschool and in between time with him, but Nina and Poppy had fun taking him out to lunch and then taking him to new school and picking him up from new school and taking him to Target to pick out new Paw Patrols stuff!  He was super excited!  Then they all ate Wendy's with us.  I had to jet to see...
 ...this girl play her Vivaldi solo one more time in group class before recital. She did great...just needs to not be timid!
 I think she had waited all day for this! Her fav. place to eat...Chipotle!  And it was BTV England Fundraiser night...bonus! Plus we also had a free coupon for chips and guac!  Yumm! 
 Excited to chow down...and this place was packed with Batchelor kids...which is great bc half that money goes to their England trip.  YAY!
 Have you ever seen Shelb eat a burrito...well, now you can....and she was the one who razzed us in line about how burrito bowls (salads) are for lazy people...burritos are for people like her! She was eating her words as she used about a dozen napkins to clean up her spills! ha!
 For Hailey...a closeup of burrito in the mouth :)  We know she would have loved eating out with us.  We were glad the other 3 were at church :)
 A bad storm blew in right as we were on our way back to violin.  It was hailing and torrential downpour. I couldn't see a few feet in front of me.  But by the time we got to IU it was lovely!  Somewhere over the a violinist :)                          
A great lesson.  We so appreciate our teacher...she has such energy and love for music.  She's a great influence on Shelby. Gets her out of her shell a bit :)
 He was so proud of his craft he made with Nina and Poppy...and more proud to share the jelly beans inside :)  Such a sweet boy. He had a great day!  Thanks, Nina and Poppy!
And special thanks to Nina in FL for sending us a fun random pkg of goodies. I know it was mostly for me (awesome boots and candles and candy...just for me! yay!)...but I let the kids dig through it too bc random stuff is fun and it's always good for them to learn to share things :)  haha! Thanks, Nina!

And thankfully it is before midnight as I write this...still waaay to late for my liking!

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