Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Gymnastics morning for Loggy, Shark display for Asher, final Wendy's/AWANA night

 A busy, busy Wednesday...even busier than normal.  Started off with Logan's last field trip of the preschool BUGS gym...where Ash used to do gymnastics. The bus was too full for me to ride, which was fine, so Loggy sat with one of his best buds and his teacher sent me a pic :)  So cute! The bus ride is often one of the most fun parts of a field trip! :)
 Also fun is anything that involves a parachute!  Can you spot Loggy?
 Also anything that involves running is awesome!  Go, Lo!
 Love it!  His fav thing was the "hole".  Full of foam cubes!  He could run and jump in, sit back and enjoy!
 Also a hit was the zip line!  Thanks to Ike's dad for helping so I could tape Loggy's joy! :)
 Doing good balancing!
 LOL...not sure what was going on here, but Ike's dad was a good sport!
 Wow, is that a good class picture or what?!  At least Logan has his eyes open and is smiling :)            

 Then off to the "barn park" for lunch...he just snuggled up right next to me...sorta like he did this morning when he woke up. He is my snuggly bud. :)  Love that sweet sun!
 Then we played a couple rounds of hide-the-Jetson :)
Yes, from the Jetson TV show...I think this toy was made in the 80's or 90' was his preschool treasure today.  He loves it!
He's not always so good at keeping his hiding spot a secret...can you spot the Jetson?
I tricked him a couple times with my hiding spot!
Still hiding at new school...he likes to hide from his teachers when they come out to get him :)  He moved to a new spot today bc he friend was sitting in his other spot (the bench)  Sneaky Lo!
And then it was time to see Ashley's project at school!  I got there and I could hardly see her bc of all the swarms of shark lovers!  Apparently the shark jaw from Pops was a huge hit! Everyone wanted to touch it!
But no-siree-bob!  Ash was very strict and very protective of the jaw!  She had a huge sign on it warding off "touchers"!
So proud of this girl and her hammerhead project!
It was like a piece of Pops was there with us!  Pops the shark wrestler/whisperer! :)
Picked up Shelb from track practice and dropped off at violin, then met daddy at Wendy's...someone was wiped out from a busy gymnastics morning, the park and two preschools (plus he got up way too early this morn!)
Probably our final Wednesday Wendy's complete with our free Frosty's. It's been good while it lasted! They know us well at this Wendy's now.  Great pic, huh? Someone was tired and someone was grumpy bc they got in trouble and could not have a Frosty.  That girl never ceases to amaze me at the way she doesn't care about things.  Disturbing really.
Final night of AWANA.  It was a good year, but definitely time for a break!  They all finished their books...I was proud of them!  It was hard work memorizing so much!
I snuck in on Logan's dance party in the chapel. He didn't see me at first.  I love how he sits next to his girl, Lily (stripes)...she's so sweet. 
Can you see his face? They were dancing to Trolls music! 
Ash getting her awards!
Dyl getting his!
And wild Shelb...just informed me last minute that she needed a snack for super bowl practice tomorrow.  Good thing I didn't use all my white choc. last night!  Easy mix!  Easy snack!  Done.
Twin Star Wars nerds on facetime tonight...and, no, they did not plan this (that I know of :)) 

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