Thursday, April 6, 2017

I miss my lazy Thursday!

 Sometimes Thursdays are lazy. This one was not.  Up brighter and earlier than normal for a triplet trip to the dentist.  I was supposed to go later in the day, but they called as I was leaving to take the kids and said I could get in then too. It was prob. good I didn't have time to think about it bc had I thought more about it I would have said "no". Loggy has never been in the dental room without me...and it was an interesting sequence of events to get him to do so. I'll leave that up to your imagination. There were tears....and some screaming.  But thankfully his hygentist knows him and has a 4 year old too so he calmed down finally.  I have no exciting dental pics to share bc I never saw their exams since mine took the longest.  And we had to rush Ash to school. She was frantic she was going to be late and I think she made it into the building at exactly 9am.  She was running with glass in her hand too bc we were giving her teaching a vase of flowers for her bday. Good grief.  I hate rushing especially with breakables. But it all worked out...though I was exhausted by 9am!
 Lo only had a couple minutes to race at the dentist...he loves this thing.
 He had fun putting together his new puzzle from Nina!  It said something about Making New Friends.. I sang him the "make new friends, but keep the old"...he didn't like that!
 A huge grocery shop at Kroger.  And why is everyone at Kroger on a Thursday afternoon? That place was a madhouse!  Loggy kept dropping his new plane on the floor, but he had to have it in the cart!
 I wasn't go to go to this, but I thought Loggy would like it. The assembly at school today was Lotus and they always do cool things. This time it was a Mexican band.  Fun!  Check out the bird lady using the conch shell as a trumpet. Cool!
 Loggy thought the whole thing was too loud apparently!
 They had a lady dress up as a 100 year old woman...that was funny :) The kids did love it.  It almost put Logan to sleep. He was tired from his early dental morning
 Time for school pick-up and we had our fav. Neva ballerina with us.  It was too cold and wet for the park, so we went to Walmart.  Why not get my two fav. places out of the way today...Kroger and Walmart.  They helped me find Loggy some Easter treasures for his egg hunt at preschool.  Neva was awesome looking for stuff!
 Shelb got done with track early...this threw off our afternoon a bit...
 Had to drop this crazy girl off at ballet...she put her leo on backwards and wondered why it felt weird.  :)
 Shelb loves her chili and a quiet van... finally a sleeping boy...zzzzz
 I caught a glimpse of Sleeping Beauty fairy practice for the recital.  Cute!
 Then off to drop Shelb at school to help with the 6th grade open house...she played her violin for orchestra and I think helped with BTV.  I will have you know that she wants EVERYONE to know that today is April 6...this means you have exactly one month to prepare to celebrate her 13th birthday! :)  The girl cracks me up!  I'd better get planning!
 My friend was at open house and took a pic of Shelb in orchestra...obviously working hard on that violin!
 Loggy missed dinner--slept right through it...but woke up to work on stuffing his preschool eggs. 
 he loved it and it helped him learn his numbers
 The only number he knows well...his fav. number...which should come as no surprise.  He had fun stuffing Easter stamps into his eggs.  Better than candy...well, maybe. And Walmart actually had ones with crosses and Bibles on them.  Nice.
 He got so into stuffing eggs that he took his bag of smarties from Nina and put them in big eggs and gave us each one.
(sorry, no pics of D...daddy took him to school today and Neva's mama took him to ballet after running club...and he was my most helpful guy tonight doing laundry...should have taken a pic of that :)
Someone is baking something special for her fav oldest sister! And, no, they are not cupcakes :)
Taxes are done!  YAY!
So is blogging!  YAY! :)

Tomorrow...we get to see this girl!  Double YAY!

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