Saturday, April 1, 2017

Lots of good things in a kinda blah April Fool's day....

 My heart is just not into blogging these days. Burnout and exhaustion can do that.  Case in point.  A nice Saturday...lots of good things in the day (service project for cub scouts at church for D and Kev, helping with an awesome friend's surprise 40th, going to a friend's 5th bday, and spending half the day at church for a party etc, etc)...but at the end of the day it was too much going on and just feeling not filled up by any of it.  Just not in the best place right now...this comes in waves, but I am learning to let things go in those times....I will try to at least get pics up on the blog, but probably won't be posting much til after Hailey is gone in a couple weeks.  Other priorities to focus on....but I am posting some updated pics from the last couple days check back for those.

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