Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Me and my Loggy...and Shelb and Academic Super Bowl in Paoli

A nice, lazy-ish day at home. I had a ton to do, but instead, I just snuggled up next to my little guy and we chilled....with chips and cheese, of course!
We did do a little bit of work....he has been working on his numbers and letters bc sadly after almost a year of double preschool he knows none of them. How can this be?  I don't know, but I am considering pulling him from church preschool and teaching him myself.  Would save us a lot of money and also allow him more down time!  Ash told us we could use her learning board to help him. So nice of her!  He liked it.
We meant to spend more time outside bc it was nice, but we were just too lazy.  We had about 15 mins before school pick-up to play ball...he HAD to play with this badmitten racket and this whiffle ball.
Then it was off to Paoli (over an hour away...where we ski)...to watch our Shelb at her math competition.  We were sad D and daddy couldn't go, but D had running club and Daddy had taxes. So, off we went without them...
She was all smiles when we got there :)  Ready to compete!  Their Academic Super Bowl tshirts didn't come in on time so they had to wear other BMS attire.
The happy/oddball Shelb math supporters :)
Math competition was first...this was good bc otherwise we would have had to sit through 4 other competitions (science, language arts, social studies, and a combo one)...I was worried at first bc she didn't go sit at the table, but halfway through the 30 mins they rotated.  Can you spot her? No way.  She is the far right back table...black shirts nearest the screen.
Still prob can't see her...but you can see if you can figure out the math question. Most of them were beyond me.  Math is my weak point.  I am a language arts girl. I give my Shelb credit for doing this.
Then the computer broke...great.  Can you see her glaring at me?!
Still glaring at me...
We moved from the bleachers to seats right by her...and she was mortified....see her hiding from us?!
High fives for the right answer. They did pretty good!
LOL...getting squirrelly, but still being a good boy. You can see the scoring system behind here...interesting.  In the end they came in 5th out of 15 in Math, I think.  Not too shabby!
Those girls blew right by me, so this was the best pic I could get :)  We headed out after bc Logan was done...and I wanted to get home before dark.
We made a pit stop for treats...yummy!  I was so happy they still had the Shamrock shake!  "Lucky" me!
I didn't see Dylan all day...not even this morning...so I had to hear all about this thoughts on the big game last night...thumbs up for Caroline winning!  He wished he could have stayed up and watched it with Pops!
And Kev's evening...of taxes...still not done.  And me trying to find outfits for Easter and our church directory pics...

Tired, very tired.  Midnight bedtimes and early wake-ups are getting to me/us :(

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