Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Not a laid-back Tuesday-day...but a sorta laid back night...

 Well, today wasn't a sleep-in, at-home day.  I usually love Tuesdays most of all bc they are like this. But oh well.  It's almost the end of the school year and that means things are just busier.  Hopefully I can hang on one more month til summer. I am not sure I am going to make it!  We don't usually go to the library much anymore bc we are too tired and Lo gets enough social time at school, but we had books to return and errands to run...so off we went!  Lo was my little helper as usual. Putting money in the meter for me, offering to carry books bc I forgot our library bag. He was very chivalrous!
 He is not the biggest fan of story hour...but we go once a month now instead of weekly.  And today they were oddly enough playing ukulele!  Guess who else now plays ukulele and actually played this morning!  Dyl!  So we did laugh a little imagine Dylan playing his little stringed instrument :)  Looks fun!
 This is how story hour goes. He won't sit on the carpet and actually he showed his face here...most times he's snuggled all the way into my sweater or armpit.  He just wanted to be home resting :)  Cannot blame him there!
 He did perk up after story hour...bc the train table was all his!  Not a soul around, probably bc it was a nice day and most people were outside.
 They had a cool new Brio train that opened up and he just HAD to have something to hide in it.   All I had was an old Borders card...which worked perfect.  We played hide n seek with it for awhile.  Simple joys.
 Craft time was making a kaleidoscope.  Fun! He's my craft guy.
 I had been putting Sam's Club off...finally had to do it.  He helped keep close watch on the whipped cream!
 Home for his fav. lunch...grilled cheese! (no crust and only orange cheese--not picky at all!)
 Krogering!  It was not my day for shopping.  Twice I went into stores and forgot my money....and only noticed once I was at the register paying.  Sigh.
 Finally....we made it into our new Tuesday Morning.  It's been open for almost a month...but I have had lots of self control :)  But I was trying to find some bday ideas for Shelb.  That didn't pan out, but Lo found plenty of things!  Water guns...and he found one for each of the kids...even Hayeee!
 And he found a fun sword. Man, I thought this place was known for its homegoods, but they toys were even better to someone!
 The best toy ever...hands down. I have not seen a boy so excited about a toy. And then so sad that he does not have a bday for 8 months (or Christmas too).  Smiles, then sadness.  It was a little heartbreaking.  He came home and went through his piggy bank (and wanted to break it open on the floor to get all the change out!)  And he was trying to talk us all into it...even trying to trade his gift cards.  Sweet boy.
 Bye Bye Tuesday Morning!  You are awesome!  I laughed when I told Dylan where we went today....I forgot it was Tuesday today...he did not understand a store called that!
 Too much shopping...all tuckered out!
 Always happy...even after running club for an hour
 Crazy girl...tired after academic super bowl and track
 Sometimes we don't ask...she wore these to dinner tonight (outside)...Doricha would be proud...they were hers :)  The girl love heels like her oldest sis!
 Probably would have been better a week and half a go when Hays was here...but we had too many desserts in the house then.                                                       

 Someone called to talk to Ash about sharks...and other things :)

 LOL!  Pops dancing to Trolls music with Ash.  Who knew Pops had some secret dance skillz!  Go, Pops!
 My helper!  Making snack mix for teachers from Easter candy...gotta get rid of this stuff!
A busy day...always is.  Grateful Kev took the evening violin duty so I could stay home...but I'm not sure I got the better end of the deal. :)

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