Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thursdays are nice--home with Lo, lunch with Ash, tball practice, fun with friends, ballet, first coin club meeting

 Well, blogging during the day never happened.  There is just no good time. Loggy wanted to be right by me all day and when he wasn't he was sneaking candy and wafers.  We had some long talks about deceit and lying and a few cries in between.  Fun.  But I do love my snuggle time with my boy.  I feel very blessed that I get to do this during some of my days.
 Been awhile since we had lunch at off we went to join Ash. I missed volunteering in her room yesterday bc I subbed at preschool so this was a nice excuse to see her and her buds :)
 Crazy bunch :)
 Ok...seriously....if I keep eating these I am going to be 10lbs heavier in a week.  I always love a good Reeses cup, but the eggs are divine.  And Aunt Kim and Uncle Randy always hide them for the Steg egg hunt so I get lots of them.  Love.  Between this and Skittles I am set and on a slight sugar high :)
 I went outside and laughed to find our just planted strawberry pot was blooming...I think daddy added some to this that were already blooming from Lowes.  But I did a double take at first to think they grew this fast in a week. Loggy was confused about why flowers were on a strawberry plant.  I hope we get some good berries by May!     

 Checking out the new garden...growing well with all the rain we have!
 A small miracle. I did not kill the orchid my friend left for me when she moved to FL.  I kept it in my bathroom all winter and it must have liked the humidity.  I have the brownest thumb ever so this is amazing that a plant survived almost a year with me. 
 Someone is all signed up for tball and every excited about it.  Starts next weekend!  We had to get a little practice time in before the big storm that blew in.
 He has a pretty good swing and follow through for having no lessons.
 He got bored with it and decided to play ball on the slide...he has his own ideas about things!
 He has a powerful swing for a 4 year old. 
 He told me he was way faster than me and showed me how to run fast like him around the bases.  We improvised and used plates. I have bases somewhere in the garage, but no idea where.
 Track meet was cancelled due to the incoming storm, which was probably good...someone was grumpy about being put in only the 800m, but she very sore anyway from the hurdle injury.  Some dill pickle chips after academic super bowl practice helped :)  Don't knock 'em til you've tried 'em!
 Teeter tottering instead of hurdling for the afternoon....nice.  They actually were getting along here.   

 The spinny thing that makes me nauseous.
 So sweet.  Neva is becoming part of the family on Thursdays.  Loggy loves her. I told her we should have her over to babysit.  She said she'd be happy to! :)
 I think Ash was a little jealous he liked Neva so much, but I told her if she was nicer to him, he might like her just as much.  Oh the joy of sibling love!
 Ballet day!
 Making returns at the mall....and had to try out our fav. boat ride!
 Love this.  Hobby Lobby always has nice inspirational sayings. I might need this in my bathroom.  A good daily reminder for a worn out mama :)
 Trying to figure out bday ideas for Shelb (a teen in 16 days!)...maybe she will actually have a timely bday party this year.  I was trying to talk her into a Cinco De Mayo theme.  No go. And she refuses to put anything on her head after our lice epidemic.  Probably smart.
 A first for D....coin club...yes, there is such a thing!'d never think 11 year olds would love coins so much. They do!
 Even the girls went. 
 It was cute how the kids fit in with all the old guys.  And they sure were the kids lots of freebies.
 Ash wasn't going to stay, but once she got free money, she was IN!  They even got these cool pennies from the Denver mint that had never been stamped.  They were from 2005 I think and the guy;s last ones...he'd been handing them out to kids for 12 years!
Loggy and Shelb and I headed home for pancakes...a good rainy day dinner...we made a fun bunny one, which he never ate bc he'd eaten 3 hours of snacks in the van.  I'm tired of living out of our vehicle.

Tired in general.  Ready for the weekend, but it surely won't be restful.  Nothing new!

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