Monday, April 24, 2017

Tired Monday--shark project done, a tired scratched boy, first home track meet, soccer and other fun

 Well, my exhaustion level has hit an all time high. It hasn't recovered yet from Hailey being home and now that it's almost May, it's just crazy city around here!  I was a bump on a log all day. I had so many things to do (was going to clean)...none of it happened.  I could hardly focus to do the dishes.  I cannot wait til summer where I have to think less about our schedule and can get stuff done!'s pics of the day...the hammerhead project is officially done!  It actually wasn't as stressful as some of the other projects the kids did mainly bc Ash had to do her paper for it at school so we never saw it or had to proof it.  We'll see how she did on that on Wed. when it's parent viewing day!                                  

 But I think the board turned out great!  She got creative with some artwork, which is good bc she is our family artist.  She drew the hammerhead head at the top and also a sketch on the board.  She worked very hard on it all...and we are all glad it's onto a Kansas project for D and a diabetes one for Shelb...tis the project time of year!
 Time for cheese at the park in between preschools...sorta....he was all smiles for about 1min.
 Then his focus went to this scratch on his neck. Apparently one of his best friends at preschool accidentally scratched him. It was bothering him so badly that we had to leave the park.  He kept scratching at it.  I almost thought I might not be able to leave him at new preschool.  He was getting so worked up about it.  I took the above pic to show him how small it was...but it didn't help.  He was not ignoring it!  In fact, he held onto his cheese for 30 mins bc he was so distracted.
 New school saves the day! The nurse here put neosporin on it. He thinks this medicine is magic.  It's what daddy puts on everything.  Mama just hurts things with peroxide!  He had to show off his bandaid to daddy :) and get a little tan in the process :)
 Double thumbs up for dad who suggested we go into UES to get some meds.  Good idea, daddy!  It was the only way would leave this wound alone!  I tell ya'...this kid is something!
 Finally he ate his took him almost an hour...that scratch just ruined his morning!
 Don't even ask.  He is a solver of his own problems. Let's just say that.  He walked all the way upstairs to get this to unplug things. :)  The culprit was a half roll of TP. :)
 Off to evening activities...Shelb to track first...then D to soccer. I had to drop him early and was glad he had a 2 hour allowed us all to go to the track meet.
 First home track meet...the other two were rained out.  Can you spot Shelb?  Far right walking...
 First up...hurdles!  No idea how she did....3rd in her heat, I think...but did not place overall. I thought she did great...esp. with her knee injury!
 Waiting for her time...
 Trying to get a closer look at long jump.  No, we didn't encourage him to do this, especially with a lollipop :)
 Oh, sweet sun.  I loved it.  Others complained it was too hot. Weird Hoosiers!
 Nice form, Shelb!  Poor girl scratched twice, but her good jump (this one) was the same as her 3rd place last week.  Edgewood was just a better team.  Oh well.  Ya' can't win 'em all!  I miss being closer for the jumps.  But we had to stay behind the gate. :(
 Of course, he hurts himself.  He is so prone to accidents lately.  Poor kid.  And no he did not fall off the fence.
 Popcorn sorta saved the day!
 Cheering on our fav track girl!
 The 800...go, Shelb!  She and her best bud are neck and neck.  They are two peas in a pod. One meet one will win, the next day, the other wins. I'm not sure what place she came in, but I'm guessing 7th?
 I caught the tail end of his practice..goalie again!
 Don't know what was going on here? 
 She's still got gymnastics in her!
It's amazing he can play soccer in untied cleates, but he continues to do so!

That was the day.... :) (I updated Saturday's post too :))

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