Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Tired, so tired...very tired

Well, it's official. We have not been this tired in a long time. I know this is true when Kev says it.  I say it a lot, so it's almost like crying wolf.  But when Kev says it, you know it's bad.  He has now fallen asleep twice in random places this week.  I have too, but again, this is not unusual.  I wish time would just stop for the week or we could somehow lengthen the day and lessen our need for rest...bc I feel our time with Hailey is slipping by and we have hardly seen her.  Or when we have, we are just dead tired or on a college tour.  Not the most quality of quality times. But at least she had a nice day with Nina Stegs today. I didn't even ask where they went...I assume Greenwood bc they came home with yummy Cheesecake Factory desserts for each of us (yay!).  And she got a few much-needed summery items for her wardrobe.  Nina Stegs is a superb shopper and I think Hays follows in her footsteps with style and a love for shopping.  I am sure they had a good time. And because Hays was gone all day, I took advantage of a sub job for my friend at preschool and spent the morning in Loggy's class. I was going to be there for half of it anyway for his egg hunt and this way I got paid for it.  Bonus. I love working in his class.  It was fun. But I am not fully rested so I felt a little off today.  And the afternoon was just busy with a conference for Logan, a return to the doc's for Boston paperwork and then some errands.  I ended up leaving Shelb at violin too long and she ended up panicked.  Sorry, Shelb!  But the good news is that we had no Awana and we were able to have a taco dinner as a family (mostly made by Hailey...thanks, she did dishes...double thanks, Hays!).  A night at home as a fam rarely happens and never happens on a Wed.  So the night ended ok.  But it is somehow 10:30 again, and Kev is asleep on the couch and I am waiting for laundry to get done bc I am days behind on it.  And tomorrow looks to be a busy, busy, busy, busier day.  I am praying now for the energy I am lacking.  Zzzzz....and the sad thing for me is that I have hardly even thought about Easter and it is only a few days away.  We have no matching Easter clothes, no food in the house, no thoughts of Easter activities...ugh.  I know none of this matters and I just keep reminding myself of that.  But, I am never this far behind, especially on one of my fav. holidays.  :(

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