Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Nina's back and prepping for camping and NYC

Here's a few snaps of our day....kinda laid back...kinda nice.  Had to get up way too early to go get Shelby from her core group sleepover/retreat/campout....and run her to school for her Holiday World trip....wowzers there were a lot of kids...5 half the school.  Then off to get Nina from Sue Sue's and meet her new kitty.  Fun.  Then Nina took D out to a special lunch (Red Robin!) and to the coin shop and to Rural King for fidget spinners. I had tons to do, but instead I just let the kids play outside...they had fun shooting bubbles with squirt guns, quadruple slip n slides...and ladderball with Nina (she was the first one to win...way to go, Nina!...I think quarters were up for bets!)  I headed to TJMaxx to try to find us some new clothes suitable for seeing our girl in her workshop ballet (do you like the options for Kev?) :)  Kev and D headed to the boy scout campout site.  And then it was packing time (two kids are done!) and off to get Shelb at 11pm.  She had a great time at HW, but boy oh boy does she not need to have two full days of stuff like this again.  I hope we can all sleep in tomorrow and get ourselves ready for our travels (camping--D, 4 of us to NYC, A and L to Nina and Poppy's).  Busy times!





Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tired Tuesday...even during summer

 Well, we are tired.  I just let that be ok today.  We were all up sorta early bc we had an appt to get to.  I am ok with cartoon watching.  They rarely get to do it during the school year.
 We headed out early for the annual big eye appt. She has to go to IU bc her eye issues (muscles) are more involved.  It just means for a long morning here.  Loggy was good, but he was done after 2hours. 
 Thankfully her prescription has not changed and the eye muscles issues have not worsened. At one point it looked like she'd need another this point hopefully not.
 She is going to get contacts most likely (for sports) that is another 2 hour appt in a couple weeks. Oh joy.
 Poor girl...dilated eyes and she had to be at a core group get together all day including an outdoor soccer game.  No fun for her sensitive eyes.  And these are just not fashionable.
 All ready for her 24 hours core group retreat.  She was excited.  But it came during a busy tomorrow she goes to Holiday World for 16 hours with school and then we leave for NYC Friday.  Oh well. She is used to a busy schedule even in summer.
 I left these two home alone this morning. They just vegged.  I was home by lunch and we played games.  Ash was wondering why I was making faces at her....then she figured out her lips were blue from the cookie cake icing :)  She looks a little goth :)
 I think D thought I was cheating off him.
 We had some laugh over Apples to Apples.
 I was so tired I read this word as Underwater....not quite the same word. D laughed at me.
 I won the game...even being so tired. 
 We moved the couches to the sunroom so I could nap in there (which was lovely!)...and the kids discovered Lo had been eating their candy and hiding the wrappers under the couch.  Not cool, Lo!
 I had to lay my head down. Not a great week for me...feeling not-so-stellar :(  They were so sweet....just chillin' by the tv when I woke up.  I hated to waste a nice day outside, but we all needed a down day and honestly needed one out of the sun after lake-day yesterday.
 Then off to Walmart to prep for D's big 1st boy scout camping trip!  He's excited and needed lots of camp gear!  This is hard core stuff, I guess.
 You should have seen me picking out camp stuff.  Fish out of water for me.  No idea.  Daddy is much wiser in this area.  But I did ok.
 Dinner outside.  Ash was my rockstar today...she helped in so many ways....watering the gardens, getting the birds new seed, helping with dinner.  I was grateful.
 We got out the new ladderball game.  The kids enjoyed it.
 Lo did especially...bc he likes anything that has strings and balls on it :)
 He had to be restrained at times :)
 He was pretty good at it!
 We headed back to the core group "retreat" in our old 'hood...and helped the girls put up our big tent.  Lo helped too :)
 Such a sweet group of girls from church.  And daddy was nice enough to help us set this up after work. It might have been interesting had I done it alone :)
 Lo brought his new baby hammer and helped with all the stakes :)
 I am sure they are having a ball right about now!
 And Hays had a nice visit with one of her best Bloomy friends, one of her fav. restaurants in Lincoln Center, PJ Clarkes (and dessert at Magnolia Bakery :)) 
Sweet pic of two sweet girls by our fav. fountain.  Can't wait to be there on Friday!  Can't wait to watch our girl dance on Saturday!  YAY, YAY!