Saturday, May 27, 2017

1st day of Summer (D's last soccer games and lots of fun in the sun!)

 Wow....what a full day.  Not super busy, but just full.  Good, but full :)  One of the best things was sleeping in til about 9am.  Nice.  I think the kids had already eaten bfast by then, but we still went out and got donut holes....and put together a little Summer is Awesome bfast, which we ate around lunch time!
 Then off to D's final double soccer games....this time we brought the scooters since it's at the YMCA and they have a trail. They were excited!
 We also finally visited their fun playground!  Happy boy!
 D was on fire today...two hours of heavy soccer and sweating in the direct sun...but he got 5 goals! That's a lot!  I was proud of him!
 He even got a trophy :)
 Celebration at DQ, of course!  It hit the spot after a sweaty 2 hours of soccer!
 I guess this is the summer way to practice violin :)
 We got out the ol''s looking mighty sad...but still good for fun!
 Love it!
 Popsicles on the slide (or near it--Shelb)
 A water gun fight gone wrong :( :)
 Not too shabby of a v-ball player for never having played!                          
Our backyard fun...a sad slide and a sadder net for v-ball :)
 New clothes and shoes from cousin Danielle...happy teen!
 Our kitchen misses Nina.  I have had to let it go to enjoy these last 2 days. 
 First summer cookout (minus D who was at a party)
 Yumm...all our summer favs...minus the potatoes I was going to make and ran out of time for.
 I still have some skillz :) :)
 He wasn't happy I picked him up from the outside movie night early.  Sorry, bud...but it had been a long day!  (that's him on the right....he had a ball with his school buds)                 
What first day of summer would be complete without a movie.  The one Shelb wanted wasn't at Redbox yet, but this one was good.  Can't even remember the name of it.
Proud of this guy...made him a little mug full of fun for his great soccer work!

A great start to summer...a little too busy and exhausting...but I am loving the sun and heat and time with my family.

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Nancy Gritter said...

Looks like an awesome day! Way to go Dylan! So proud of your great soccer skills! 😁Nina