Friday, May 19, 2017

A beautiful ballet night....and a stormy/hail-y/picnic-y/waterfall day...

 Just a few pics, bc I fear that if I don't post any, I will never go back and these posts will be picture-less...which is oh-so-not-exciting :)  So, here's a few snaps of our day.  I was up early, took Ash to school and headed out to shop.  Then home to make a few "gift items" for the girls.  And then off to the park with Nina and Lo.  I knew the weather was iffy, but we decided to take a chance.  We were chasing a storm, or rather it was chasing the first park/creek we tried to eat our lunch at was a rained the minute we arrived. So we traveled north hoping to escape it.  This sorta worked. We had the whole playground (Lower Cascades) to ourselves. It was awesome!  Never seen it empty.  Lo went down every single slide and ran to his hearts content and was in all his glory!
 We had a nice picnic lunch at a nice table under an awning. 
 We could tell a storm was coming, but we hiked up to the waterfall anyway. It was so pretty.  Nina got her workout in too going uphill :)
 Walking sticks are always a good idea for old Nina and a cool 4 year old :)
 We were hoping to catch something in the creek, but the storm blew in fast. We decided to leave. And it's a good thing we did.  Almost 1 minute later this blew in....
 It was hailing like crazy and flooding too...We took cover under an awning at a hotel.  It was the first hailstorm Nina had been in.  She survived.  Phew!
 Lo had the good idea to catch hail in his fishing net out the window :)
 All that hail made us hungry to McD's in E-ville for dessert and fries...and more play time (yes, we wore Lo out!)
 And then it was recital time.  She would not tolerate very many pics at all so I had to get candids when she wasn't looking.  I actually love the ones I got.  I love profile pics :)
 Beautiful Sleeping Beauty Ballerina Fairy!  I love the cute wings attached to the tutu.                         
 A plethora of fairies :)
 The Ballet 1 Group meeting the baby princess Aurora :)  She did great! (first girl in the lineup)
Love sweet :)  It was a perfect night.  I loved watching her dance and it made me realize how much I miss watching a child of mine dance.  So proud of our Ashley.  She worked so hard and was beautiful on stage!                                     
 So glad Nina could be here for the performance.  And the Ninas and I discovered it might not be too late for us to dance. They had a mom and what looked like a grandma dancing in the show.  I might have to sign up and make it my new hobby--in all my free time! :)  Three generations of Steg/Gritter Dancers...that would be awesome!  Hailey would be proud :)

So grateful Nina and Poppy could be here for the special evening too.
And our rowdy bunch at Red Mango.  :)  We still have our fill-in kiddo for another day :)  He's fits in
well with our crazy gang!
Our New Yorker took her first AP test today....I guess this is her celebratory ice cream with her friend :)   Yumm!                                        

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Nancy Gritter said...

Another fun day!! Loved the picnic and Ashley dancing was a huge highlight of my trip! Fun times and beautiful memories! Thanks! Nina