Sunday, May 14, 2017

A lovely, sunny Mother's Day!

  a quick pic's our Mom's Day morning...a few mini food items (mini cinnamon rolls, mini vanilla french toasts, mini lemon blueberry muffins)...and some sides. Yumm.  We love to pamper our Nina when she's here for Mother's Day!
 We even had our own seating area just for moms...and a Lo who is a normal attachment to this mama :)
 Looking pretty for church :)  We all sorta matched in our blues :)
 Someone let out a tooter in the Steg-mobile...I'll let you guess who... :)
 Off to the lake for a picnic!  It wasn't our original plan, but it's always a fool proof plan to go here especially on a gorgeous day like today.  And our meal spread was delicious!
 Lounging by the creek/dam area. Only 2 "things" missing...Hays and Pops!

 Mama won the fishing contest...not a great fishing day, but if anyone can catch a fish, it's me! Not many Indiana mamas can claim to have caught 2 fish on Mother's Day from a dam. :)  Only the most talented--me :) (who also did so in a dress :)) 
 Our fav. overlook.  Love! 

 Our fancy dinner with Nina and Poppy Stegs. Only the best for Mother's Day!                                     
                              3 mamas, 2 Ninas and 3 generations....lots to be grateful for!
My fav. part of the day was having my kids all together in one room (sorta). We have to improvise with our ballerina :)   (and, yes, that is Nina in the background doing all our dishes from the day...bless her for that...a great mom's day gift for me...and Kev :))

It was a good day--a beautiful weather day...but still a void for this mama with my lost lamb in NYC :)  Mother's Day loses a little meaning when your kids aren't all with you anymore.  But it was still a nice day and I was grateful for some time outside, some sun and warmth and smiles with family.  And loved having my mama in town to celebrate with.

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Nancy Gritter said...

Awww, love the pics! It was a PERFECT day! Loved every single moment!From the awesome breakfast you both prepared to the amazing picnic lunch! And the wonderful time at the dam! Enjoyed the time with your folks Kev, and the present opening was the best! We are going to Copellia in Indy! YAY. !!!! And you get to paint, Kelly!! Hahaha Simply LOVED my Mothers Day cause u guys made it so special! ❤️ Mom