Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A much-needed day off, though not all that restful

 I was so looking forward to this morning. Sleeping in.  Ahhh. The best. Didn't happen. I think Kev had just walked out the door early and Lo was in our room asking if he could have a donut...in about his loudest possible voice.  FYI...I had told him the night before to just get the donuts and not wake me up. Thus why I got donuts in the first place.  I tried.  He is telling me had 2 donuts already.  This was number 3?
 Homework in the tent this morning.  Ok.  Except it was still not done by 10pm.  Not cool. 
 Dentist day!  I have to make Shelb's dental days "no school" days bc she will not miss school.  She had a good visit...had a few cavities, but they are on teeth that are about to fall out, so she timed that one right and no fillings necessary.  Next year it looks like braces maybe?  Oh joy.  Her and Ash might be in braces at the same time...and we might have one in college.  Triple joy.
 Back to Walmart...bc going yesterday was not enough.  Gazing longlingly at the fish. She has given up hope of having a chicken or a bunny or a llama...now back to fish. Walmart has them for 38cents!  That's pretty much like giving them away, right?
 She talked me into Subway for lunch...since she couldn't have anything crunchy or hot and those were the only things we had at home (she won't eat pb&j).  It's her bday week anyway, so ok!
 One of the few moments they got along today.  I'll take those moments!
 We attempted to get fresh air.  Check out that sky and clouds...Almost looks like a nice, FL day, but alas it was about 20 degrees too cold for me and very breezy.
                                       He looks happy here, but actually he is very mad at Dylan for catching him in tag :)
 But there were moments of pure joy :)  Love these laid back boys!
 A little gloomy going home...we wished it was a little warmer and we could have been outside all day.  But we didn't want to waste a non-rainy day, bc the next 4 days are supposed to be rainy again. Ugh.
 Mad that Dylan beat him home.  Devastating.
 Some bball!  I signed him up for a bball clinic this summer...he is excited! 
 Silly boy!
 Ghost boy!
 A tired day for Shelb. She is fighting a little cold and was up early, which is not like her. She was tired by dinner....
 ...but still had a lesson to get through.
Hard-working daddy...mowing and fertilizing.  Had to be done today before the week of rain hit.  We actually have a fairly nice, green lawn this year...not too shabby.

Not exactly the most restful day, but at least the end is in sight for school.  Cannot wait for Memorial Day weekend!

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