Sunday, May 21, 2017

A rainy start, but a sunny end...and ballet and fun in between :)

Well, good grief. It almost was more hassle than it was worth to get in the van and head to church this morning.  Downpour.  So tired of rain, I cannot even tell you.  But I have told you anyway :)  Rain, rain go away and don't come back another day!
We will miss having Nina along for the rides...she is fun! :)
Chatting with Pops in FL via Facetime about his coins.  Pops is a coin expert and collector as well. D was soaking in all the coin Pops wisdom!
Off to the ballet in Indy with Nina and the girls...our Mother's Day present to her.  A nice sunny pic outside by our roses :)
Had to take this busy boy back to church for his first middle school get together.  He joins the middle schoolers in 2 weeks (much to his middle sister's dismay who will now be at everything with him) 
He ran the moment I saw him and daddy said he was a sweaty mess when he picked him up so I am guessing he ran the whole time...and ate lots of pizza and cookies :)                               
 I just found these pics on daddy's phone...didn't know the boys went to DQ after D's church pick-up...lucky!
 Someone is enjoying his star ice cream :)
 I heard they played some rounds of bball too...D said that he beat daddy in almost every game.  Doesn't surprise me!
 Look at the slam dunk! lol :)

 I think he built something with pipes...was it a spider?  Can't remember....but I'm sure it was cool, buddy!  I guess the boys played hard while the girls were at the ballet!
We had a lovely museum lunch before the ballet. We were all famished by then. We tried to find a nice place to eat outside the museum, but apparently there is not much around the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  But the lunch was delicious and hit the spot.  Thanks, Nina!  I love a good grilled cheese and this one was awesome. And I don't even like tomato basil, but it was very yummy.  Nina said it was the best she'd ever had.  I would have to agree especially bc I have never had it :)  We had a nice view of the fountain from our table :)
I heart grilled cheese.  It was yummy!  Ash had it too.
Nice pic out by the fountain.  Nina with her sweet girls.  Only wish Hays had been there.  It would have been a perfect pic then :)  Such a pretty setting.
Never been in this theater and we had nosebleed seats, but they were still good. YAY for Coppelia!  I have never actually seen the full-length ballet.  It was great and funny!                                       
I am really liking ISB lately...they do a great job with their ballets...very professional and great dancers and sets.  Very sweet that they honor their director with flowers before her last show.  All the ballet boys come out and shower her with bouquets. They do this at their Nutcrackers too.
It was a great show!  I loved it. I think Nina did too and I'm pretty sure Ash and Shelb did.  Ash was a little confused as to how the doll changed into a girl, but then was still a doll.  She figured it out eventually :)  Ballet mime takes some getting used to :)  She likes to analyze things.  And Shelb was just annoyed by the little kid next to her who talked the entire show. :)
We got home just in time for Kev's delicious Sunday dinner....pulled pork! Yummy!  Thanks, Babe!  We were hungry after our long afternoon of ballet! :)
Someone is learning that if he wants his treat, he has to try dinner...he resisted a bit...
...but gave in :)
Brave boy!
He got that pork down, smiled...and then ran to get ice cream :)
We finally have produce in our garden...
Our first ripe strawberry...yay!  I think this is about all we will have in our garden.  Not been a great year for growing things.  Too much rain and no sun.  Darn, Indiana!
Missing our New Yorker...she was off to church tonight at Hillsong with Barb...and to eat Chipotle...lucky girl (and then to facetime us...very lucky girl :)). Two weeks from now we will be spending the day with her.  Cannot wait! 

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Nancy Gritter said...

Best non-professional ballet EVER! So much fun!!! What a great Mothers Day gift! Love spending time with all my girls!❤️ Well, minus my dear Hailey who we get to see in less than 2 weeks! Thanks Jev for the awesome dinner! It was so yummy! A great day!!! Thanks all the Stegs, for making my stay so awesome!! 💕Nina