Friday, May 26, 2017

Adios, School!

 Well, that day has finally come...and almost gone! We made it through this school year.  Believe me, there were times when I thought we would not.  And by "we", I mean Kev and I.  I have never had a year feel so much like a whirlwind or a tornado.  And oddly it was all good things that made it so crazy...but as I have learned the hard way...a lot of good things can often add up to bad.  This was sorta the case this year.  But we made it.  And there is a certain accomplishment that comes with that.  Hurrah for the final day of school...and a bigger hurrah for SUMMER!  Here's a few pics of the day. I might add more later.  I was smart this year and did all the bfast prep the night before.  I am learning my weaknesses and mornings are one of them.  It was a nice spread of our fav. sour cream coffee cake, mini blueberry muffins and fruit.  Easy.  We called it "bye bye school breakfast!" :)
 Final day of 7th grade.  It was a good year for her...really an amazing year...she accomplished so much and did more activities than anyone I know.  She really stepped up and challenged herself and tried new things. So very proud of her.  Last day of waiting at the bay window for the bus!  YAY!
 They called their day at school "optional"...but who misses field day?!  They were all ready in their bathing suits.  And thankfully it was a gorgeous day!  Finally!
 Lo and I...we chilled.  I had planned to go to school early and see field day, but neither one of us wanted to go back to school then.  I suggested we have chips n cheese.  Logan suggested a walk....and then he suggested chips n cheese at the playground.  Nice.  He apparently loved our neighborhood food truck fun last night and wanted to relive it.  He told me this a few times today :)
 After our adventure, we headed to school...we found this crazy kid and his buds going to the magic show.  We showed up just in time for the midday rest time/lunch.  Oh well.  It worked out ok.  Gonna miss these kids....D was blessed with an awesome teacher and group of classmates/friends this year.
 We stayed far longer than we intended, but it was so nice out....we got to see Ash in her water events!
 Best part of field day was getting free happy boy!  LOL...I just noticed his shoes.  I think he likes them this way better than the norm.
 He helped me with some last day of school artwork. He's always my helper!
 Awww, love!  Shelb was officially on summer break!  Lo was the first to celebrate with her with open arms!
 2 more officially done! 
 Celebration by the front door!  LOL...Shelb!  The girl is excited about one thing...volleyball!  Apparently it's her new goal in life to be a v-ball player and make the v-ball team at school (which you have to try out for and she has never played).  She considers this a real sport unlike the 3 she has done this year that you don't get cut from.  Sooo....we have been researching all my old stats from FLCS (apparently they are online at Sun-Sentinel) and it is my job to teach my daughter volleyball this summer.  Maybe Pops can fly up and help?? 
 Hello Summer Snacks!  Yumm!  Sunny ones...and a very sad fruit beach ball.  Apparently you cannot make fruit look like a beach ball in 5 mins.  Who knew?!
 First hours of summer water balloon fight...with our new batter balloons...that fill like 20 at once.  Cool.
 I will let you figure out what happened here....we did this last year too and the same thing happened (false start, Shelb?)....Logan got left in their dust.  Poor kid is still standing by the door and missed the "run through" :)  Ash made one for him later out of leftovers...sweet sister.
 LOL...Shelb...ya' can't deny she's got spirit and a little crazy in her!
 Free pool night at IUOP...also free pizza (Papa Johns!) and popsicles.  Nice!
 LOL...he's full of tricks
 They found friends to play ball with
 Battleship in the pool. They won and sunk the other two ships.
And Orange Leaf.  I think the scary faces have to do with the stinky fuel exhaust...we made them sit outside by the road bc we were still wet from the pool.

It was truly a good day...good weather....good to be done with this school year and be onto to summer.  Feeling relieved., are awesome!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Yippee!!!!!! Hello Summer! Schools Out! Looks like a FUN last day! See ya Monday!!! Xo Nina