Monday, May 1, 2017

Another icky weather day...and a yummy volunteer dinner night

 Not many pics today...just a few randoms.  Lo was looking cute this morning when he got in the van from old preschool...and he accidentally fell into his preschool bucket, which was picture worthy. :)
 It was a nice sunny morning, but by preschool pickup it was cold and overcast and rainy as usual.  We attempted to go to the park, but it was really very muddy and lots of standing water from the big storms this weekend. And sadly there were eggs all over from nests that had blown down.  Birds were going crazy too, dive bombing us.  Not sure why a robin was attacking us though bc these eggs were not hers!  Loggy was fascinated :)
 We realized quickly it was too cold to sit and eat lunch. He ate his applesauce and we skeedadled!
 I have nothing to show for my day...I shopped more than I wanted to...then it was time for after school activities.  Soccer was canceled at the last minute due to wet fields.  D was bummed. He was all ready to go and he loves running around for a couple hours.  Oh well. But Shelb was off to track.  She didn't officially need to be there bc we don't think she will be in the county meet on Thursday bc she's not top three in her events...but she was a good sport and still practiced in the cold anyway :)
 Kev and I headed to church for the volunteer appreciation dinner.  It was yummy!  The kids at church had made the cute placemats...and we got to fill takeout boxes with candy...lots of candy.  Like we need more of THAT in our house! haha :)  But it was my fav stuff that it already gone from Easter (skittles and airheads and sour patch kids! Yumm!)  We also got free cute lil' flashlights...great for camping!
 And free Moes!  Delicious!  Hit the spot!  Kev was happy. Normally would have been an egg night :)  This beats that! Shelb came later and got it too. She was a happy camper.
 Lo was pretty thrilled by the box of candy and the flashlight :) :)
 Thumbs up for me...I won a free zip up sweatshirt.  Now I can wash the SAB one I wear almost every day :)  I did feel a little guilty getting this and not getting the $10 Moe's gift card....since we are going there on Saturday for lunch for Shelb's bday. But I do love my sweatshirt!  And I never buy myself clothes and this is probably worth more than $10.
 D stayed home by himself tonight...we don't allow this often, but he wanted to...he got some chores and homework done and then he watched tv. I think he liked this quiet alone time.
Ash had GS and did some gardening tonight outside school (we have gardens there), but I don't have pics.  All she told me is she planted asparagus.  Which she didn't know what that was.  I told her it makes you pee green. She was not amused.  This is her pretending to be an asparagus :)  Not really.  She was telling me to stop taking her picture and let her go to bed :)                                           
 Hey! I found some pics on the GS facebook page...of the gardening fun!  And proof that Ash helped a little even after complaining about wearing gardening gloves...though I notice she did not wear ours...hmmm

Best part of today is that there is no school tomorrow and we can sleep in and don't have to worry about homework.  Makes me think of summer, which is right around the corner!  YAY!  Happy May Day!

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