Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Depressing weather overshadows the day

 Well, I am starting to feel the May burnout big time.  Sigh.  I hate feeling this way the week of my middle girl's bday.  Sigh.  So my posts will be short and sweet for awhile.  We started off the morning revealing my secret pal-ness to one of our fav. preschool teachers, Miss Marilyn!  I have been her secret pal all year.  It's been so fun and I have been super impressed Loggy kept my identity a secret. :) Though he's not as intuitive as the girls about gifts and noticing things.  I am grateful official teacher appreciation for most of our schools is next week. I cannot tackle one more thing this week and teacher appreciation has become a big deal in schools now.  It's a daily thing for a, food, cards and a big luncheon.  Why they pick May for that is beyond me bc I always give an end of year gift to teachers. I'd rather we appreciate them more in February or even October...
 Last Chapel of the year.  I have loved attending when I could. My friend leads it and does an awesome job.  All about the 10 Commandments and 10 Rules Rock!  Love it!  Loggy has learned so much and for the first time last night he said his own prayer at dinner.  We are going back and forth on not sending him here next year just bc of the expense and the time...but I hate to give up such a good preschool where he learns about Jesus and has such sweet friends and teachers. 
 I have wanted to get my hair cut for months, but never found the time. Today was it.  It was just scraggly.  Plus it was the $7.99 haircut at Great Clips.  I am cheap.
 Much better hair.  Though honestly this lady didn't do the best.  I didn't complain bc I was in a rush, but if there are layers in this, I cannot see them. I guess that's what I get for 8 bucks!  Love this smiley boy...we snuggled up together at the park bc it was cold!
 We do have fun together.  I am going to miss these times in a year and half when he's a big school boy!
 Such a pretty setting, but boy was it chilly and gray today.  I am so over this weather, I cannot tell you.
 The fallen eggs were still there and the nest had fallen out of the tree now too.  Poor mama birdie :(
 Very excited to take apples to new school. He loves red apples...the only fruit he will eat!
 Bird issues today.  A robin kept flying into our windows...on purpose. Over and over again.  Then she'd sit on the window sill...and even hang off our screen. She is sitting on the fence in this pic waiting for the morning doves to finish eating...but she is not the smartest bird on the block.  Our window is a smeared mess of poo today bc of her!  Darn Robin!
 Time for school pick the rain....first D and A...then Shelb from track....they had to run stairs indoors today bc of the rain.  The county meet tomorrow is canceled, which I am not all that sad about. She wasn't in it anyway.
 Our first England Parent meeting. Shelb couldn't go bc it was violin time, but someone sat on my lap and tooted and then fell fast asleep.  Wish I could nap like that (minus the toot)!
 Daddy made pancakes for dinner.  Thanks, daddy!
 Someone had his first night of boy scouts in his new troop. I think he liked it!  I must admit, it was nice to not have Awana....
 Slumbering Lo amidst the pillows. 
 Last homework of the year. This is a good thing.  No projects or anything for her to do til August!  YAY!  She has definitely been challenged by this 3rd grade homework. 
 Finally baking at 8pm.  My cake helpers :)  It was a weird day for me.  Ended up at the car dealer for 2 hours getting our oil changed and finding out we had a bad leak (maybe why the van wouldn't start today) the van will now be at the dealer for the next 2 days.  Great, living with one car and our busy schedule.
She was very helpful slicing cake.

And now it's bed time. Trying to refigure our bday weekend.  Supposed to rain for 3 straight days now.  Depressing.

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