Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Well, I was a bump on a log today.  A to-do list a mile long and just no energy to do it any of it--and honestly no desire.  Kev was even home all day (working) bc our van was back in the shop for the same thing...and we are trying to get fix-it guys back her for our ac and our stinky bathroom...but still I got nothing done, but a trip to Kroger.  I swear...if it's not one thing, it's another...or a million others.  We are so worn I cannot even tell you.  I usually feel tired in May, but not ready to throw in the towel this early.  I am not sure I will post much the rest of this month bc I just cannot stay up late to do it.  One saving grace is that Nina will be here this time tomorrow til the day school ends.  I hope that helps with our feelings of helplessness and worn-out-ness.

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Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!