Thursday, May 11, 2017

Gloomy Bloomy day (canceled last track meet), but at least Nina's here--she's our sunshine!

Well, I was actually going to blog tonight, but my laptop won't work, so I'm taking that as a sign! It was a typical gloomy Bloomy day.  But at least Nina was here to add sunshine to it!  She played with Loggy all day while I was chaperoning a middle school orchestra trip with Shelb to our elementary schools. Then we lounged around a little and geared up for a busy track night.  Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate and the final meet was canceled.  I was super bummed bc Shelb was in her fav three events and Nina could have seen it.  Now the season is done. What a weird way to end things. Instead we took Ash to ballet, wasted some time shopping and then came home and had taco night.  Now we're trying to plan out our upcoming NYC trip with Nina to see Hays dance (whohoo!).  And get some rest before our early cello morning. :)

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