Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Last day of preschool (Lo!), Awards Day (Ash and Dyl!), Cookies and Solos at IU (Shelb!)...busy Wednesday!

 Well, I am just throwing this pics up here for fear this will otherwise be a blank post and pics will never get posted.  But I am too tired to even sort though the pics and write under them. I am ok with this.  It was the last day of preschool (new/speech preschool to be exact).  Lo had a great day!  They had popsicles and got special treats and we surprised him with his own fidget spinner (which broke 2 hours later).  I tried to make the day special for him, but honestly I am burned out and not feeling it was a busy day for the other kids, so we had to split our focus.  Tis life with so many kids!  D and A had Awards Day in their classrooms.  It was fun seeing them get so many awards....though I was majorly bummed we had to leave in the middle of D's bc we had to take Lo to preschool. Any other Wednesday and I would have had Lo just be late...but not on his last day.  Ugh. So I have very few pics of D's awards and of D and of his friends.  Anyway, both kiddos did amazingly well this year in school.  They always do.  D got 9 awards?  Whoa! :)  But his teacher went above and beyond making all the kids feel special. Ashley's did too. Honestly, Ashley's teacher is one of the best we've ever had.  She really looked out for Ash and challenged her and I really appreciated that.  And we just love Dylan's....she's our neighbor and made the year so fun. Both kids really were blessed with great friends and great years.  We couldn't have asked for more.  Shelb...she did great tonight at her solo and cookies.  We are all just tired and happy to come home (almost forgot about boy scouts honestly bc I'm in summer mode already....2 more days....summer could not come fast enough!

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Nancy Gritter said...

So very proud of all my kiddos and their wonderful awards! Way to go!!!!! Loved all the pics! :) looks like a fun and busy day ! Love you guys! Nina ❤️😍😁