Monday, May 22, 2017

Last Monday of school, a lazy day with Lo...and an awesome cellist!

 Well, it was a lazy morn...probably our last one...we enjoyed it. Someone woke up in a terrible mood and only wanted to be held by mama. I couldn't do it til 9am, but when I did he was one happy boy :)
 We played legos...and just chilled. There were piles of laundry to do, but who cares...they are always there anyway...they can wait :)
 Chips n cheese!  Gotta have it!
 It was a weird Monday not having morning preschool....and I was worried I might forget afternoon preschool. But I didn't!  We were excited to see our friend, Lucas...we yelled at him from our van :)
 And acted a little crazy :) We have a fascination with tongues lately :)
 So happy almost all the time!
 A goofball almost all the time too!
 Attempting to hide from his teachers :)
 And all tuckered out from his afternoon...and this was only a day with one preschool!  Weird.  I wouldn't have thought that'd wear him out...but he was up early so maybe that was it.  One more day of preschool and he is done with the year!  YAY!
 Working on teacher gifts.  I already did Target for Christmas so I am not repeating, but did get our music teacher Target...and some goodies (gotta use up our Easter candy and the dollar tree had cute candy jars!).  So grateful for this teacher...she started up a uekele club this year and Dylan loves it. 
 We were going to skip soccer bc he had to miss half of it for his concert...but he was just shooting hoops at home and I thought it'd be better if she just went to half of practice and got his energy out.  Look at those long legs running!
 Cute pic of our goalie. Might be his fav. thing to do-- to tend to the goal :)
 Then raced off to his final beginning strings concert at BHSS (Where Hailey went to HS for a year).  He didn't want to stop for pics...
 His teacher is awesome...she challenged them all to learn music pieces and earn a "black belt". Anyone that did it got a prize today. Dylan did! He was thrilled and got some mints...which he shared with us all!
 Proud Cellist black belt!
 Cute cellist :)
 Grumpy cellist :(
 Happy cellist
 His great group of beginning strings a wonderful teacher!
 Strings friends from school :)  Minus Caden who was too busy for a pic apparently :)
 Finally the concert. We were sitting in the nosebleed section. Dylan is on the far right...a few rows back....hard to see....                                    
 Our new director.  He seems like a good guy :)  Can you spot Dylan behind...third row of cellists...2nd chair in.
 the whole group of beginners
 playing for his teacher...

 I could spot him better when he stood :)
 The entire group of elem. strings...beginners and continuing.  The good thing about this is that it was short!
 All done!  One year of cello under his belt!  And looking forward to more next year!
 His wonderful teacher...she even gave them cookies!  He had a great year learning a new instrument.  He has always been my musical kid. I hope he sticks with it!
 Someone was thrilled by his first fidget spinner from Nina and Poppy Stegs...and it glows in the dark!  I was laughing more at his high-water pants!  I guess he's grown a little since fall! :) :)
 Nice pic of the cello boys :)
 Celebratory oreo blizzard at DQ!
 So nice of Nina and Poppy to make the trek down at night!  Thanks for the ice cream too!                             

 Fascinated that red and blue make purple even on his tongue...he loves the star ice creams at DQ now! :)
 Shelb making fun of me for my pet pieve of people flipping and licking their spoons.
 Little miss social.  She sat with a friend at the concert (and nowhere near us) and then saw a half dozen friends at DQ...and chatted away :)
 Excited by....
 another fidget spinner from mom and dad!  LOL!  I had no idea Nina and Poppy were getting him one too. 
Happy kid with two fidget spinners....first in our home to have them.  His sisters and lil' bro were slightly grumpy about this. But have no fear, I am sure in 2 months your ones will be here on the boat from China from Nina and Pops in FL! :)                                         

 Two in one happy :) :)  Whoda thought some spinny things would make a kid so happy?! :)
 Fascinated that you can spin one on top of the other.....and what's with the new signage on our door...silly girl :)

We are sad that Nina is gone for a week....but apparently someone wasted no time in claiming back the good fan....the boy likes a fan full blast in his face when he sleeps! :)                                             

A good day...but still can't wait for a week from now when school is done!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Oh my goodness! Lucky Dylan! 2 fidget spinners! Lol! SOMEDAY he will have 3!!!!!!! The joys of waiting! Hahaha ... NOT! I bet he loves it that he has 2and the others have zero! Tehe 😉 Dylan looks so nice dressed up for his concert! Way to go Dyl! Sorry I missed it! Glad I got to see your solo and hear you play at home too! I think you are very good at it! Keep up the good work! ❤️ Nina

Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!