Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Last Uke Club, Kickball Finals (intense!), last lunch with Ash, final day of preschool prep, key lime pie, etc

 The week just keeps getting busier...wouldn't expect anything less. D was up early and off to his last ukulele class (or uke club as they call it). So grateful our school music teacher started this. He loved learning another stringed instrument.  We might just have to buy one :)  I think my grandma Fergie played....wish she'd passed an instrument down to us! 
 D showing me his "air ukulele" :)
 off to school for the first time...we had a stick fascination today...
 Kickball finals #1.  Look at that cute kid. Love their funny tourney shirts that their teacher made for them....yes, their mascot is a Narwhal...and they are called the "Bruckertons" after their teacher's name :)   She designed the tshirt.  So fun!  Always a happy kid :)
 Nice kickball form. He was actually one of the best on his team.  No wonder they were in the finals :)
 Sometimes those long legs come in handy when trying to get a run.
 Wowsers...no idea this game was so intense. Lots of arguments about plays. Those poor teachers!
 WIN!  YAY! Check out D covering his ears....the celebration was loud!  They won by 6 points....now onto the finals (which would be a 6th grade team and no lil' 5th graders)
 Lo was so happy for his winning bro!
 LOL! This kid is crazy!
 His friends are crazy too!  Lo loves "Bob" :)
 Off to one of my least fav. places...But Lo made the best of it by visiting the ice cream truck :)
 Perplexed that there was a movie named after him :)
 Back to Summit for lunch! 
 Last one of the year with this crazy gal!
 Love these girls. They keep the drama at a minimum...other friends do not!
 Lo wanted to show off his wafer in this one :)
 What big eyes you have!
 The better to see you with, my alien Ash :) lol :)  She hates this pic.  I think it's funny!
 Visiting D's project in the LGI!  Lo knew it was his right away!
 He was ready to go home at this point...
 But no-can-do...off to Kroger.  At least I let him pick out his "last day of school" bfast!
 And he finally got to do what he wanted in the afternoon...just sit and snack and watch Dora!  But only for like 20mins
 Best news of the day is we found his Spidey umbrella in the party bin!  YAY!
 Back to the final kickball competition...it was fierce. Those 6th graders were huge!
 We lost...by 6points...but someone was still smiling :)
 The Norwhal Bruckertons!  Gotta love 'em. I was so mad at myself.  I tried taking a nice group one with the teacher and apparently her phone camera malfunctioned when I took it and we didn't get a pic.  Ugh. At least she got this one.
Can you spot D?
 Home to bake...final part of her "make up your own country project" for social studies...is to make her own country's food.  She chose key lime pie. 
 We have never done this, but since Lo only has 7 kids in his preschool class at "new school" for speech, we thought we'd put together some "summer" bags for them.  Most of the stuff we had already...and the bags were easy to make. He had fun with it.  He's a very thoughtful boy. My fav. part of this was when I asked him in the van what we should put in the bags he said, "Bibles!". I want all of my friends to have a Bible!  I told him that was so sweet and why was he so sweet??  And he told me...."it's bc of you, mama" :)  Melted my heart completely. I love this little man :)
 He was so intent on stuffing those baggies :)
 Thumbs up for owls and the last day of preschool tomorrow!
 Pie all done...and we hope it's tasty. We were going to try it, but thought it weird to send in a half eaten pie for her teachers to try :)
 Last minute mani/pedi. She (and D) have awards day tomorrow and she wanted to look good!  She did it all by herself :)

A full day...and our last Tuesday of the school year. Hurrah for that. The countdown is moving quickly!  I'd like to say I'm solid in mind and spirit, but honestly I am not.  This year has been hard and I foresee next year being even harder.  Trying to figure out how to make some changes.  If anyone out there with 5 kids has any suggestions, I'm up to listening! :)

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