Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day at the Lake!

A lovely Memorial Day....mostly spent at the lake with two Ninas and a Poppy.  We started out with a patriotic bfast....then watching a robin try to build her nest in our doorway (she decided later this was not a good bird)...then lots of fun at the lake on Nina and Poppy's boat.  A yummy lunch (thanks, Nina and Poppy!)...time on the water (love Big Mable!)...and then had a lil' belated bday celebration for Shelb.  My challenge is for you to count how many crazy faces she makes in pics :)
Oh, and a few pic yesterday of Hays at a Yankees game.  Nothing says patriotic more than that!  And hats off to Barb getting her to a game...after so many summer intensives at SAB she has never been to a game.  Her first baseball game.  Go, Hays!  Plus the Yankees beat the A's.  Go, NY!




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Nancy Gritter said...

Such a great day at Lake Monroe! Thanks Sharon and Ron! Such a wonderful time with family, and yummy food and perfect weather! Hailey at a pro baseball game!!!!??? Amazing! Lookin great Hays and can't wait to see ya in afew days! ❤️ Nina