Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Nina's back and prepping for camping and NYC

Here's a few snaps of our day....kinda laid back...kinda nice.  Had to get up way too early to go get Shelby from her core group sleepover/retreat/campout....and run her to school for her Holiday World trip....wowzers there were a lot of kids...5 half the school.  Then off to get Nina from Sue Sue's and meet her new kitty.  Fun.  Then Nina took D out to a special lunch (Red Robin!) and to the coin shop and to Rural King for fidget spinners. I had tons to do, but instead I just let the kids play outside...they had fun shooting bubbles with squirt guns, quadruple slip n slides...and ladderball with Nina (she was the first one to win...way to go, Nina!...I think quarters were up for bets!)  I headed to TJMaxx to try to find us some new clothes suitable for seeing our girl in her workshop ballet (do you like the options for Kev?) :)  Kev and D headed to the boy scout campout site.  And then it was packing time (two kids are done!) and off to get Shelb at 11pm.  She had a great time at HW, but boy oh boy does she not need to have two full days of stuff like this again.  I hope we can all sleep in tomorrow and get ourselves ready for our travels (camping--D, 4 of us to NYC, A and L to Nina and Poppy's).  Busy times!





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