Saturday, May 6, 2017

Shelb's a Teen! Whohoo!

No pics right now, but wanted to say what a great 13th bday day it's been for Shelb!  Sleeping in, her fav bfast, 5 new pets (4 of which went to fishy heaven), lots of family time and face timing, fun gifts, Moes lunch, Mother Bears dinner, pet store fun, an emoji cake complete with a pile of poop on top and now a night under the stars We thought the weather would be a bust but it was a pretty sunny day and warm enough for us to consider camping in the backyard.  Hmmm. Wish us luck and send us warm vibes.  More pics and sentiments tomorrow!  So blessed by our Shelby girl and the vibrance she adds to our family!  Love you, Shelby Gracie!

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Nancy Gritter said...

SUCH JOY you bring to our lives Shelby Grace!! It was great talking on facetime!!! AND loved your cake!! Mom truly outdid herself on this one!! Happy Birthday 13 year old!! Love ya BUNCHES!!! xoxo Nina