Thursday, May 4, 2017

With you May the Fourth be

So, it's Star Ways Day.  This is all I could muster up for the event. I didn't even tell Kev or D to wear their SW shirts...and Hays said hers was dirty in the wash. We are poor SW fans.

 Thankfully I had one SW fruit snack in the pantry...and I found these funny printouts...and I came across my SW cookie cutters last night while doing cake stuff.  So D had a Tie fighter pb&j. Shelb would have had hers in a millennium falcon shape, but I sent lunchable nachos with her instead.  She'll take that any day over SW!
 We usually love Thursdays bc we don't have to leave the house right away, but the van had to go in early and daddy had to get to work, so we were up and moving early and trying to put on our happy faces amidst another day of monsoon rain.
 Back to Kroger yet again. I, of course ran into a few people I knew and was barely out of pjs'.  Oh well.  Lo was a good boy so he got a special treat...he really tried not to eat it at the store, but most of the m&m's were gone by the time we got home :)
 Finally...chips n cheese!  Yum!  He was more intent on watching Octonauts as you can plainly see :)
We had to get our AC fixed today...leaking....and of course tonight it is now leaking more.  We cannot win with house/vehicle stuff lately :(
 He looks like he's joined the dark side as he helps me withe cakes and cake pops.
 He is a sweetie...he really just wants to help me and be by my side.  I love him for that.
 I have made these before, but thought I would again. I only had enough for 3 pops...but they turned out ok for a 5 minute treat. helper ever.  Finding letters for me...which as an added bonus helped him with his alphabet.  He is definitely getting better at it!
 The days go by so quickly...and then it's our crazy D & A, ran some errands and then got Shelb from track practice (good thing that meet was canceled or it would have had to be a "swim" one...we have had more rain than Seattle lately).  Anyway...then took Ash to ballet and Shelb to Kroger-gucci...our fancy Kroger...where she picked out her final meal of the year 12.  She is considering tomorrow to be her "school bday", so she wanted to bring sushi.  They have the best fresh sushi here...even on a conveyer belt which makes it all the more fancy!
 The ballerina...going to get daddy from work!
 She was excited bc she moved up to Ballet 2.  I thought all the kids in the class did, but they didn't. Thankfully her friend did too.  I do really appreciate that her teacher evaluated each child and wrote something for each of them.  I like that personal attention and it shows she's watching each child.  Way to go, Ash!  Of course, the first thing Ash muttered was about going to IU now.  Hmm.  Not sure we are ready to take that plunge again.
 Checking out daddy's 3D printer.  And what guys wouldn't print the Batman sign if they had a fancy printer like this?!
 Not sure exactly what was going here, but Shelby needed D and A to help her with a video project for History extra credit.  They had to be a buyer/seller...
 They bartered over jewelry and fruit snacks.                     
 And my little boy, who was supposed to be slumbering, was instead compelled to help me. Actually he was very helpful so I didn't object. 

 Not sure how this cake will come together, but we're gonna do the best we can while not feeling well.  And we have reworked the camping bday weekend to instead be a stay at home one with some relaxation. She seems ok with this.  We will have a belated bday campout later!
 And our New Yorker was living the life tonight at the NYCB gala.  Check our her trendy pants suit.  Adorable.  Hi Barb!
 Seriously, so cute, that outfit.  Very patriotic too...though not very Star Warsy!
 Her and her twin. :)
 Wish I looked that good in a pants suit. :)  Or is it a jumpsuit?
She is living the life.  I think yesterday she saw a bunch of NYCB ballets too.  I try not to be too jealous.  But I do wish I was there.  Miss her!

Hope the 4th was with ya'll today!

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