Saturday, May 20, 2017

Yet another rainy day of cancellations...but a great violin concert!

 Well, it was going to be a go-go-going day.  But God sent rain once again and half our activities were cancelled.  This was good and bad.  The mostly bad part is that we didn't know about the rain cancellations til we had already planned out the day and spent time making sure the car was packed for a busy day (snacks, extra clothes, etc etc). It takes a certain amount of energy to do this for 7 people (including an extra we still had :)). least we started out the morning with a nutritious bfast...aka an easy bfast!  We love our square donuts!  Crazy boys! :)
 We got all the way to the ballfields for Lo's first game and it started raining and no one was anywhere in sight for the team pics. I must have missed a text or an email or something....but thankfully we had enough time to get to the indoor place where I figured pics were.  We were even one of the first of the team there.  Go Pirates! :)  Arrrrgh!   He was so bummed his first game was cancelled....but he was a good sport about it.
 Being a goofball, which he does well!
I guess he comes by it naturally/genetically :)
 Waiting for his first sport picture to be taken.  He was pretty laid back about it. Some kids were crying. He just sat on the bench and chilled :)
 Awww, cute!  First team pic.  Though at this rate they may only get 2 games in and we will be gone for both of them (unless Nina and Poppy Stegs take him while we are in NYC...finger crossed!). It's a sweet lil' team and a nice coach.
 Coach breaking it to us that we won't have a game today and have to wait 2 weeks.  Poor Pirates!
 LOL! They had a guy there doing caricatures for free...Logan would not leave my side so we did one together.  That totally looks like us, right? :)  But in his defense he does them in under 60 seconds and he did both of us so that's like 30 seconds each. I can barely draw a stick figure in that amount of time ;)
 Sweet pic outside in the rain.  I may never get to see him play, but at least I got a couple cute pics of him.  Felt bad we had to leave our whole family in the van while we did this. They were good sports about it too and thankfully Nina was with us to watch them. :)
 We love Caden. He's like fam. now.  Logan calls him "Cadie" among other things :)
 Not sure what was going on here...but boys will be boys...always tackling :)
 And shooting things...and sisters... :)   Bc tball and soccer were both cancelled, we dropped Caden back off at home early...and all headed to IU together.  This was nice to not drive two vehicles for once.
 Apparently our snack supply is low...resorting to other forms of protein :)  (not only Lo, but Shelb too? :))
 It finally cleared up for the violin concert.  The one thing that was indoors and it didn't matter what the weather was like!  Pretty girl in her pretty new dress from Nina G. :)  Love it!  Bright and springy!
 Pretty girl and pretty violin!
 Two generations of violin played by both :)  Cool!
 My musician and a mama who has no musical talents :)
 I often wonder if people would notice if I stopped taking pics.  I think my family would like it. Shelb was giving me a hard time today (as was her sister yesterday)...and we all know Hailey does!  The boys seem ok with it. 
 Contemplating taking up the uekele :) (fyi, Dylan already takes lessons :))
 Love Nina's expression....Shelb does make everyone laugh...I'll give her that!
 Nina will probably like this pic better, so I'm posting it :)
 Performance time. I have better pics on my real camera, but iphone pics are just easier to post on the blog.
 She and her group did great!
 Out like a light...snuggling up to his mama :)
 Quite a group of accomplished violinists...all the way from age 4 to 18, I think. 
 And a great group of instructors.  We are incredibly blessed to be in a town that has so many talented musicians and teachers.
 So sweet.  Some moments bring me back to when they were babies. This was one of them.  I will miss this someday.  He is his mama's boy.
 Nice family pic with slumbering boy...just missing our Hays :(
 Great pic of Nina and Shelb.                      
                                             And a nice one of Nina and Poppy with the violinist :)
 We were all excited to head to Red Robin to celebrate...a double celebration for a great performance weekend...for Ash and Shelb!  Shelb had her usual meatballs.
 A nice celebration with great food.
 Seriously best grilled cheese ever! 
 Poor ballerina....first Red Mango was a bust yesterday...and today the one thing she wanted at Red Robin (mac n cheese), they were out of.  Not her weekend!  But she celebrated with a vanilla shake.  Ya' can't really mess that up!
 Daddy and his red balloon.  Simple joys :)
 Then it was time for Lemonade Day! It's an all day event to raise money for charities by selling lemonade.  Our GS troop did it together at Kroger...the gucci/fancy one....which thankfully was right by Red Robin. I think it was supposed to be outside, but thankfully Kroger let us have shelter in their foyer.  Can you tell Ash is trying to hide from me. She is worse than Hailey with pictures.  They did have a cute stand though!
 Shelb was off to a core group/church party at a friend's grandparent's house.  They had a great time playing capture the flag and hanging out.
 Our roses....they are gorgeous this year.  They have the holiest leaves, but they still flower like crazy so I haven't wanted to spray them down yet and de-worm them. 
 Telling Nina all about his coins and hoping that Pops will show off some of his from FL. 
 I had Lo all showered and ready for bed and resting...when his buddy showed up and and out the door he went in his pjs!  Oh well...I tried.
Home late from her party, but had to take a pic with her goodies from the day.                                 
 And a few updates from dad's phone...of Shelb's 2 hour practice in the morning...can you spot her?
 Oops...not the best time to sit on a melted fruit snack in your car seat, when you have no extra outfits and need to get into a performance to watch your sister :(  Poor daddy had to deal with this...and a pic of Ash when Kev picked her up...she looks like she's running that lemonade stand by herself. haha :)

I am tired of the rain and gray....but trying to make the best of it.  Shelb did wonderfully today at her concert and we enjoyed some family time. But feeling very exhausted and burned out....and just hoping we make it one more week with the last week of school craziness! 

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Nancy Gritter said...

It was a wonderful day,rain and all! ❤️ There is no greater JOY than to watch my grands enjoy their God given talents! Makes my heart sing! ��