Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A rainy day changes plans

 Updated really quick....D was off to a friend's...ready for a day at the pool. We were going to meet them there...but then it rained...just as we were leaving...which was ok for us...but bad for D and his friend...they were already at the pool....so they wasted time getting ice cream and going to the park.
We made the best of it...the girls played Just Dance...Lo watched :)
 We did some Father's Day "stuff" :)
 Returning Shelb's snail to the water hole out back...
 Since it was raining we decided to drain the pool...this took longer than we hoped...but Lo worked hard...
 The girls learned a little teamwork :)
 She's been super helpful lately....I appreciate that about her especially after a big Kroger run.
 Working hard on violin...trying to figure out music that is misprinted...and Lo just chilling watching Disney on the iPad :)

 Working on her own Lego design for her fair entry. We can't do the food entry (or go to the fair) this year bc we'll be in NC, but we can do the open class regular stuff.   And below is D working on his cello.  Trying to improve on his own over the summer :)

nothing much to post...supposed to be a pool day but the rain got in the way...we made the best of it...

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