Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A shopping day in prep of England and Boston...and a good ol' English meal!

 A few snaps of our day...it might look lazy, but we were hustling to get things done.  The morning was lazy.  We like that.  It looks like Hays was up early with the sibs watching Little Pony :). Shelb and I slept in.  Daddy was up early to take care of our van tire issue...and also to get new brakes.  Ugh.  Always something expensive. :(
 A mini bfast.  Thought it'd be better than cereal. 
 Off to Sam's....we hear the British don't get much, if any, peanut butter.  But then again, maybe they don't want it.  We thought about bringing over these mighty Peter Pans...but it would take up her whole 50lb limit. haha :)
 The highlight...always loving the free samples at the Freeosk!
 arguing over mass produced snacks :)
 Shelb wants this cake for her next bday...it was darling with popsicles on it.
 Fighting over doing the self check out :) 
 Then off to Walmart....they had some fun.  No idea the purpose of these stretchy toys but I'm about to dump them after being hit by them today.  Snap!
 Shelb finding out about her British "bangers" meal!  Her enthusiasm was overwhelming.
 Can you tell what's going on here?  A little game of "trust" with Shelb and Hays.
 Ash found this special Coke and had me take a pic for Nina in FL!
 Surprises in the mail from Nina and Pops in FL!  The long-awaited fidget spinners from China!
 A light-up emoji one...fun!
 So excited!
 Thanks, Nina and Pops!
 My helpers for the day...Hays did all our dishes...phew, that was a lot of work...and Ash helped with our surprise meal!
 LOL...I looked over and saw Lo covering his ears. Apparently mixers are too much for him :)  He was a great helper too...cutting the strawberries all by himself with his own knife.
 She made this gorgeous English Trifle.  It turned out great!  Only wish I had a trifle dish. Couldn't find one at Walmart. :(
 Thumbs up on packing for England!
 Ash kept on helping...with a sign for Shelb...and D was busy cello-ing
 More Wii...fierce Mariocart competition
 An attempt on Hays' part to help Shelb with v-ball...there must have been some disagreement or stubbornness...
 ...bc I found Shelb on her own after about 10mins.  And Hays had wiped her hands of the situation.
 Our surprise British supper!  A sampling of many wonderful English goodies...fish n chips (the kids wanted to know where the real chips were)...bangers and mash and onion gravy....roast and yorkshire pudding (green beans bc I forgot to buy peas)....and the English trifle for dessert!  Cheerio, Shelb!
 Trying to act excited about the meal...but in all honesty I think she's very nervous about the food there...and this probably didn't help. Though it will make their food look a heck of a lot better!  haha :)  I tried, but I am not an English chef or even an American one for that matter!
 I love that enthusiasm!  The kids did all love the fries (chips!) as you can tell by Lo's hand grabbing them!
 She put on a happy face though and ate that meal!
 It wasn't all that bad.  The bangers and mash were good...the yorkshire pudding was great!  Even the fish sticks weren't all bad. I haven't had one since I was a kid!
 He discovered he doesn't dislike fish sticks :)
 Miss Picky even ate a fish stick. She didn't like it, but she ate it :)
 This ballerina met up with her Bloomy friends tonight for Laughing Planet and ice cream :)
 She did like the trifle...minus the jam.  Trying new things. That's our new motto.  We might try some new foreign meals every month...just for kicks!
 Still packing...and tooting....that English meal gave some fierce English gas!  Clear the Steg house!

One more day and we'd better be ready for Britain and Boston! 

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