Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Basketball camp (for D), pool time (for all), done with exams (yay, Hays!), violin, boy scouts, etc...

 Well, D was up early and rearing to his 3-day bball camp.  He'd been pretty excited about this for awhile.  He was sorta dragging this morning though....he's getting used to lazy days of summer...but he put on his Miami Heat shirt for good luck...and off he went!
 Can you tell he was dragging....and sorta glaring at me to go away :)
 But crazy mom wanted to take some pics...of him shooting around before camp started...
 hmmm...what would Pops say about the follow through here?  Cross over hands?  Not seen this before...
 There are some big dudes leading this camp.  Most are college kids, but one was NBA...of course D didn't know who.  This is a Jared Jeffries camp though...I guess there is another one of these in Tampa?
 They did some funny warmups...the boys were trying to be the fastest, but the coach gave them a big speech about it's not about the being the fastest for this's about learning the fundamentals...true.  Being fast doesn't hurt though :)
 Our new rule is that dishes and laundry have to be done before the tv gets turned on in the morning (or at all).  I like this rule.  Less for me to do and makes them more accountable.  I am sure they don't love it.  I actually even cleaned part of the house today in the time I would normally be doing dishes.  Nice!
 Camp time went fast (only 3 hours)....he looked a little tired and sweaty when I picked him up. I guess that means he worked hard on his bball skills!
 Kinda done with mom if you couldn't tell by the look :)
 Off to the pool!  We were still packed to go from yesterday and the weather was great.  We didn't invite any friends bc I just can't invite 4 extras to go with us. But the kids know this and they always make new friends when we're there, which honestly I like better than bringing kids with us.
 They only went on the slide/diving board right away...the rest of the time was spent in the pool (6 hours to be never stay that long!)....
 Ash surprised me and jumped off the diving board when I wasn't expecting it.  I somehow still got a pic of her...
 LOL...looks like she's almost walking on water :)
 Hallelujah, Shelb! :)
 And more bball...he couldn't keep himself from playing today...even in the pool :)
 Cute kid.  He was sorta off today....I think he was tired.  He wasn't ecstatic about the pool at first.
 And he and this bigger kid got into a fight over the water toy.  The bigger kid didn't want to get wet and was yelling at Logan for splashing him a little bit and kept throwing his ball across the pool. I finally stepped in bc I didn't see a parent around and told the kid that he was going to get wet at the pool and he needed to share the toy and stop throwing Logan's ball.  No issues after that.  Kids.  If it's one thing a city pool teaches kids, it's to share...and learn to get along with lots of different types of people....lots.  I was proud of Logan for standing his ground.
 Thinking about throwing water on dry mama :)
 Definitely thinking about it more...
 Taking that plan into action :)
 Then somehow he scraped his elbow on the side of the bled for awhile.  He had the bright idea to put it in our Pizza X cup that was full of water.  He does have some genius ideas! :)
 I didn't even see the other 3 kids for most of the 6 hours...but I kept an eye on them from across the pool.  D found some new friends to play pool bball with and Ash and Shelb were playing with some other kids too.  You can see D in this pic...not sure where the girls were...
 He was hungry a lot....I think one of his fav. things about the pool is the snacks we pack. Though he was mad I would not let him buy food.  The pool costs enough just to get in...I refuse to pay for food that we can get at home for half the price!
 Showing off his pool wound :)
 Arguing with me about how bad the wound really was :)
 We sat for awhile on the lounge chair together.  He was very sweet.  I think he was tired.  I was tired too.
 Very worried about his scrape.  He really focuses on stuff like that sometimes. 
 D playing ball...and the girls in the background...they really did stay quite busy.
 Kinda grumpy...and just wanted to sit.  The new thing at the pool this year is I have to stay within 5 feet of him and he and I have matching bands.  Weird.  This is a little bit of a bummer bc I feel like I have to chase him around the pool sometimes.  5 feet isn't much.  I will be glad when he's 5 years old and I have more freedom.
 Trying to balance the cup on the we did at the splash pad in FL.  He hasn't forgotten that!
 Love this smiley boy!
 He played on this toy for hours.  He loved when he had it all to himself after the camps cleared out of the pool
 Lollipop time!
 Snack time during adult swim.  I was shocked they hardly ate anything the whole time we were there. They played hard.
 D got the cup to go on the water!
 Love these kiddos...but still miss one.  We get to see her in a few days...but I know we won't have time for the pool and I know she thinks it's uncool to go to this one.
 pretending to pee....silly boys! :)
 My attempt at a healthy-ish dinner...trying something new.  It wasn't a big hit with anyone...I liked it though...the chix reminded me of my grandma's chix and dumplings.
 Getting ready for England...8 more days!!!!  Daddy got her "pounds" she can buy some fun stuff to bring back. Can't believe she'll be packing to go overseas in a week. Lucky girl! Question of the day....what should she bring for the host family?  We are sending an IU tshirt for her friend, Emma, but we want to send food they may not have too....we have heard Twinkies?  Peanut Butter stuff?  Different Oreos (not the normal ones)???  No idea?
 Hailey is officially done with NYC regents exams for the no more PPAS school til Sept! (she still has ballet for 2 more days and her 2 online courses, and 5 weeks of summer ballet in Boston but we are not counting that...this is the closest she'll get to a break) we celebrated by making a summer dessert...kinda thrown together, but it worked....too bad she couldn't enjoy it, but we did!
 We made mini ice cream cookie sandwiches out of the cookies :)  yumm!
 Lo and I made a special chalk message for Hayeeee!  It was pouring out when we started so we had to do it by the front door again...this has been our norm lately...
 YAY for Hays!  No more school...and onto Senior year!  She is celebrating in NYC tonight with Mexican food....and saying goodbye to one of her best buds, Barb, who is saying adios to ballet and hello to college in Texas.
 Proud of this girl...she's been practicing her summer intensive violin music a lot!  She'll be ready to jump right into it the day after she gets back from England.
Our crazy boy scout after his meeting tonight...I noticed he wore his big holey butt pants. Nice.
(and Hays and Barb tonight after their Mexican celebration...with a very squished unicorn?) lol! :)

A busy day, but a good day (considering I don't like going to the city pool :)) time to catch some zzzzz's!


Nancy Gritter said...

LOOKS like an awesome day at the pool! The kids love it dont they?? Hailey must be relieved to have school over with!! 3 more days and she will be home!! Yippee!! Even if its only afew days it will be nice for her to have that break! Enjoy the rest of your week! xo Nina

Melissa said...

Just talked to a friend from England. He said that salted chocolate or salted caramel candies are rare and getting popular there. Peanut butter candies are good too like Reese's pieces or peanut butter cups. I think the Indiana university themed gifts are a good idea too.

crazystegmamaof4 said...

Thank you, Melissa! That is a huge help! I have heard peanut butter stuff is not as common there, but well liked....but didn't know about the caramel and salted chocolate. Yumm. I'll keep you posted on what we find and can fit in her suitcase :)