Monday, June 12, 2017

Bike Ride, Turtle Searching, Splash Pad, Too many clothes and Hays' last day of school (sorta)

A nice day...a bike ride on the trail with my kiddos (D hit a squirrel somehow? :)), turtle searching at every body of water (for Shelb), some splash pad/park/sand time, and some shopping time.  Shelb had a BTV producer meeting at Mother Bears and D had a bday party to go to and my phone died, but Kev saved the day.  The girls had some nice bonding time over clothes sorting (and Shelb found a snail which she do desperately wants for her tank)...and we had a celebratory run-through for Hailey and her last day of school at PPAS (though she still has two NYC regents exams to get through the next two day) But the end is in sight...and soon she will be home!




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Anonymous said...

Ashley's bright pink toes make me so hard, i want to have a foot fetish session with her feet