Thursday, June 1, 2017

A beautiful outdoorsy day with getting ready to see our girl in NYC!

 Another lovely weather day...yay! We wasted little time getting outside and enjoying it.  Back to Cascades park for a picnic...and then down in the creek finding and catching dragonflies (Dylan), crawdads (3 sizes) and minnows (Shelb), salamanders (Ash)...and hiking up to the waterfall and throwing rocks (a tossup as to who was the winner...Dyl or Lo :))...a little time at the playground...a quick trip to the library to sign up for the reading program (Nina was so excited as you can tell :))...and then home to pack and send D off to boy scout camp for 3 days (Lo got to hold a turtle!)...and then Ash and Lo to Nina and Poppy Stegs and Nina was on violin duty (thanks, Nina!).  Now trying to catch some zzz's before our big trip to NYC to see our fav. ballerina.  Cannot wait!

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