Saturday, June 3, 2017

Our Scottish Beauty Performs!

Well, what a wonderfully whirlwind-ish day that was!  And I don't have an ounce left in me at almost 2am to give any details.  The best part by far was watching our Hays grace the stage in all her Scottish beauty!   I realized in that moment how much I miss seeing her on stage.  She was amazing. She is just eye catching up there with her gracefulness, poise and confidence. So very thankful we made this trek to see her. And what fun to add Nina G. to the excitement (and Shelb too). We had so many good laughs amongst us today. And I'm pretty sure we walked 10 miles and about put Nina into cardiac and respiratory arrest :). But it certainly was fun to see the city through the eyes of a true tourist. She gawked at everything. Mouth wide open looking at all the tall buildings. Big stares at the crazies in Times Square. Fascinated by the great food all over the city. And she even jammed to some subway performers.  She got a good taste of the melting pot of wildness that is NYC!  But I know she too enjoyed watching her fav ballerina the most. I think she said it was one of the best moments of her life.  Definitely a special day. Thanks, Hays, for not being afraid to use your God-given talents. It is a gift to the watch you! :)

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