Wednesday, June 21, 2017

British breakfast, packing and tying up loose ends and ready to head overseas and out east!

Final day before we part ways for England and New England :)
 We started off the morning much like we ended last night...with British food! This time it was a Full English Breakfast.  I have no idea if this is truly authentic, but the internet said so, so it must be, right?!
 Our sign made mostly by Ash yesterday. I think it turned out pretty good :)
 I added a menu and took another pic....just in case the food needed explanation.  Shelb knew this bfast was coming. She was not exactly enthused.  I thought it looked pretty good...not too far off from our bfast...maybe just missing some pancakes...and could do without the tomatoes and fungus and weird baked beans (who eats those for bfast...or at all!)
 Not love at first sight...but Hays tried to talk her into it...and ended up eating half of her meal for her...
 The nicest look she would give me. Apparently she wasn't the only grumpy one (sad Lo)
 She almost looked like she was going to cry. Poor Emma and her family are in for a real treat if they serve eggs for bfast at all. Ugh...Shelb!  She really is not a picky eater usually!
 It felt a little torturous to be giving the rest of the gang sour cream coffee cake...but after she tried one of everything on her plate, she had her sweet USA bfast too!
 Daddy got a workout in today. He did his daily run in the morning and then mowed after that.  Poor guy was worn out!  But gotta get a mow in before vacation! We always save things for the last minute, of course!
 Last day of mulling over packing!
 So sweet...brothers reading together :)
 Library time!  Ash and Dyl are officially done with the library reading program....this is the first week you could get the last (25 book) prize...books. I forgot to take a pic, but D got Pokemon and Ash got a chapter book.  They were happy!  Lo got free ice cream and the other two got free Mother Bear's pizzas!
 We didn't have much time, but his one request was to play with a toy here. Done.
 We finally picked up his tball medal! He missed his final game last Saturday bc we were at Holiday World...but he was so proud of this medal and told me, "I'm going to play baseball next time and get another medal!".  Ok, buddy!
 Packing?  Me trying help so we can finish this up!
 Finally done!
 Excitement over packing and finding an old lost bathing suit in the bag...yay!
 The boys attempted to be organized and packed, but it's not the same as the girls.  D did ok.  Lo had only packed himself underwear and socks and his Paw Patrol bathing suit.  I guess that's better than nothing! 
 Big sis doing her nails for her!  Gotta look good in England!
 Contact recheck.  All looks good. Contacts are ordered and they gave her free samples for England. Bonus!
 A quick mall trip.  Puppies.  Shelb has puppy love. 
 We finally found the game she wanted to give her host family (Spot it) at Target. Why in the world are school supplies already out?  It's officially the first day of summer, not school!  Depressing!
 Came home to find more Wii playing.
 Off to see ballet friends at Baked and Noodles.
 Last violin before England and before her intensive begins.  It starts next week, but she'll miss the first week so she's been learning the music early. She's done very well!
 Well, this was not the dinner we intended. I had hoped to make one of her fav. meals, pesto pasta, but bc we had the eye appt and Hays had to be taken downtown....we did the next best thing!  Avers!
 Good ol' all-American food!  I am guessing she won't get pizza in England.  She was one happy girl, especially after her not-so-fun dinner last night and her bfast this morn. :)
 Our final decision on gifts for Emma and the host family.  I hope they like this stuff.  We ended up adding the game and the Indiana Tervis at the last minute. 
 Last minute haircut by mama per her request.  I feel almost like we're starting school with our prep for England!
 Grateful for these three who did chores and helped out!
 Found this girl wandering Kirkwood :)
 A pretty sunset...sometimes there is beauty in Indiana :)
 Last minute fun times at the house before 2 days of traveling!
 Lil' Adios to Hays to wish her good luck in Boston!  Triple Boston Cream Cheesecakes...two normal and one albino (bc Stegs like it plain)
 It was an ok cheesecake...needed less cake in it...
 LOL...Shelb got my non flexible gene.  Not sure what is going on below, but check out D's red face...he was cracking up!  I think Hays has him beat.  She is one strong ballerina girl!
 Hard to believe that in 12 hours we will be saying good by to our overseas girl!  My prayer is that she enjoys every minute and is open to new and exciting things! :)  Go, Shelb! 

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Anonymous said...

Busy day! All the food looked good to me! Well, maybe not baked beans at breakfast??!! But those desserts in the evening looked pretty good! HAve a safe and wonderful time Shelby! CAnt wait to hear all about it! ANd. Hailey, enjoy your wonderful summer intensive in Boston! And cooking your own food! 😮Hope to see you all in July and maybe YOU in August Hays! Love you all!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️