Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Bye Bye, Nina! :(

 Well, today Nina left us.  She has been a permanent fixture in our home for almost a month...that is a long time.  We feel her void today.  In memory of her wonderful presence here, I have a plethora of NYC pics to was her first time there, so very memorable.  Hope this brings back lots of good memories of your Big Apple experience, Nina! 

Above is the first pic I took of her Saturday morning as she saw the city in daylight for the first time.  Gawking is an understatement.  She could not believe how many tall buildings were together in one place.  My advice was not to keep that mouth open too long.  For as many buildings as there are there are a 1000 more pigeons :)
 Our first stop was ground zero and the WTC fountains.  They are gorgeous and a special memorial to those who gave their life 15 years ago.  We were there before most were out of bed and it was eery how quiet it was.
 Then we took Nina across the street into a mall and to see the water and the statue from afar. I love this pic of her and Shelb...and statue is right above Shelb's head :)
 There are so many beautiful memorials from 9/11.  This one was on a fire station wall.
 Nina's first time on the subway!  She was a fan!  It meant she did not have to walk...though she did have to go up and down 2-3 flights of stairs to get to/from it.
 Nina's first time at SAB!  For our free workshop brunch. So nice of SAB to do this.  And it was the first time for us to see Hailey after her warmup!
 First time buying flowers from a bodega.  I love buying flowers like this...we've done it before!  Nina picked out some cool tropical ones too...very FL-ish!
 Ready for the big show in the Juilliard Theater
 Can't wait to see our girl!  First time that Nina gets to see a ballet in NYC and it's only fitting that her fav. ballerina is in it! this proud of our fav. New Yorker!  She danced beautifully in both her dances!
 LOL...yes, I did embarrass her a could I not!?  We celebrated her Scotch Symphony by wearing our plaid sashes complete with pictures of her on them!  And she got a matching one with our faces on it! What fountain pic would be complete without this?! :)
 We only embarrassed her a little :)
 Nina's first time in Lincoln Center by the fountain :)
 Sadly, this is the only pic I got of Nina and Hays after her performance...and Nina looks like she's whistling?! :)
 If you look closely at the steps, they light up and to the right it's only fitting that it reads School of American Ballet...and Juilliard (where Nina was almost going to go to play violin when she was younger) instead of her dream being pursued, her graddaughter's is.  I love that.
 Nina seeing Hailey's dorm room for the first time.
 Nina did struggle a little with the subway turnstiles.  They rejected her a few times.  Maybe NYC doesn't like FL? :)
 LOL...Nina jammin' to a subway entertainer! 
 She started to become a typical New Yorker....texting while walking in Times Square
 Wishing she could see a Broadway show....I looked into taking her to Hello Dolly, but the timing of the shows didn't work out. Maybe next time!  I know she wanted to see Bette Midler!
 After a long wait we did get Nina into eat John's Pizza in Times Square!
 First NYC pizza right out of the brick oven...yumm!
 Totally speechless over her first time in Times Square...after seeing an adult person in a diaper that claimed to be Donald Trump's baby and some women cowgirls that were painted where clothes should be.  Hmmm....
 Nina and her girls in Times Square!
 First Hershey Store experience  in Times Square!  Extra large candy...what could be better?!
 First time in Rockefeller Center....the Today Show wasn't running for 10 hours, but we saw the empty studio...
 Like a kid in a toy store looking at Legos through the the beautiful ballerina in the background in Rock. Center.
 A lovely dinner/dessert in Lincoln Center courtesy of celebrate Hailey.  Best desserts ever!                              

 LOL!  We had fun in front of the fountain at night :)  I'm sure Hailey was proud of her ballerina family :)
 Putting her feet up when she could! (outside SAB :))
 Taking Hailey's many bags and heading back to Wall Street.
 Our Sunday morning...bfast at one of Hailey's fav. diners down the road from her dorm.  Yumm!
 Nina's first time in Central Park...she had to take a pic of the horse/carriage :)
 Chilling by the pond/row boats.
Chillin' by the sailboat pond (Shelby was sailing the boat there)
 Love :)  Hard to believe Nina's oldest graddaughter is taller than her (even off pointe :)  Though we determined Nina has shrunk a little too :)
 Nina did fall behind a little...we almost lost her in Central Park...
 We did feed her her first Shackburger...I think she liked it :)  Though she probably could have done without eating in the rain/cold :)
 Great view of the Empire State Building at the park by Shack Shack
 We got pretty comfortable on the subway...had a few good laughs :)
 Nina's arch enemy...stairs!
 And more stairs....
 She even had a stranger (man in orange) ask her if she needed help...all while her family was standing by taking video of her and laughing at her :)  Sorry, Nina!
 Thumbs up for escalators at the Staten Island Ferry!
 So pretty...the view from the Ferry (the one free thing in NYC!) :)
 My fav. pic of Nina and the girls and the city :)
 Our home away from home...The Holiday Inn Express on Wall Street :) (a great place except for the parking garage operators)
 Monday morn...saying goodbye to NYC...

 And sleeping most of the way home...Shelb had to put up a barrier bc of the snoring, I think :)

But you know we love you and having you go to NYC for the first time with us, Nina, was the best.  We miss your fun-ness and energy in our home, but are so grateful for all the memories we had with you over the last month.  Love you!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Awwww. these pics are awesome!! Such a wonderful progressive view on my most spectacular weekend ever!! Such a wonderful time we had!! Thank you so much Kelly for documenting our amazing adventure in NYC, highlighted by such a special time watching our girl!! It is etched in my memory forever. The beauty and grace with which she danced center stage will forever be with me and I thank you and Kevin for all the planning to make this so unbelievably perfect!
Love and greatfulness! :) Nina/Mom