Friday, June 23, 2017

Day 1 England & New England

Well at 4am (our time) we got a text that Shelb had landed in London. Yay!  It was 9am their time and she had gotten 1 hr of sleep. But no rest for the weary. They changed into nice clothes in the airport bathroom and were off by bus to Bourne Community College.  Because of the 3 hr delay I think they missed most of the school day, but they got to meet their hosts right away and went home with them after school.  Shelby seems to have nothing but good to say about things.  She happily had her first British dinner and it was pasta and cherry pie.  Two of her fav things!   And she said she is sleeping on a very comfy couch.   She seemed very happy and very tired, and was ready to settle into bed by 10pm. Emma gave her the nicest bundle of gifts from England including lots of Cadbury chocolate!  Yumm!!  Shelb said Emma loved her American gifts too!  So all in all a good first day. Not sure what is up for her English weekend, but I think it might involve an English museum and two tea times.  I hope Shelb learns to love tea!
And the 6 of us in New England enjoyed a nice hot and humid day on the streets and waters of Boston. We had a nice hotel bfast in PA after only about 4hrs sleep.  I thing I forgot to mention we couldn't find a hotel easily last night.  Not so fun at midnight.  4 hrs of sleep is not enough.  But we had a nice continental bfast and were off for a 5hr jaunt to get to Boston.  We actually got here early enough to have lunch at a Boston burger place.  It was yummy, but not shake shack! Ha!  We had a few minutes before our Boston university tour so we let Lo watch the T train.  He loved it and wanted to ride it, of course. It poured right before our BU tour, but by the time we got outside it was nice. It seemed like a long tour, but a beautiful campus by the water and seems like a challenging university.  It has higher requirements than IU.  It sure was fun for poor Hays having her 3 youngest sibs tag along on her college tour.  Ash took pics of bunnies and squirrels and Loggy was running around with sticks half the time. At one point he was laying on the sidewalk.  Later on we lost Dyl. It's always something!  Fun times.  The area was bustling by 5pm, but probably bc there was a white sox game starting.  We tried to walk to a sailing place, but turns out it was too far to walk. Then we tried to drive and there was no parking.  So we basically drove back to where we parked before.  Then re-walked.  Sorta. But it turned ok bc we made it to the boat place right as the last ride was going out. And we had fun pedal boating. I know the kids were tired and hungry, but I'm glad we took the time to see the city from the water. It was a gorgeous day and lots of sailboats out and the esplanade was pretty.  Then we headed to a pizza place and had a yummy dinner.  Then to our bunker hill hotel for swim time (this place even has a basketball court, a rock wall, games and a movie screen.  And now we're showered and watching Disney channel.  Simple joys.  Tomorrow our ballerina settles in her new apt home for the next 5 weeks and the next day starts SDP at Boston Ballet.  Time is flying!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Sounds like an awesome day!!! And now a good nights sleep! Yay for Shelby and her wonderful host family!! Have a GREAT week Shelby!! Have fun moving into your aprt for the next 5 weeks Hays!!Love you all! Nina