Thursday, June 15, 2017

Day 2 Bball Camp (Dyl), New Contact Lens Wearer (Shelb!), Coin Club (D and A)...etc

 Another day of camp...D was pretty lethargic this morning...could barely get out of bed....I think he was a little sunburned from yesterday and his eyes looked a little swollen too.  Part of summer vacation! lol :)  I liked the pic they took yesterday of D and Jared.  I guess Jared was at the camp (makes sense since it's his camp and he went to IU).  I did laugh a little bc I think he's 6 foot 11 and he looks like he's under 6 foot in this pic...maybe D was on a stepstool?  Either way it's a nice pic and nice of them to take a pic and print it and have him sign it. 
 Can you tell he's tired? :)
 He perked up a little inside....a little.  I think that's Jared behind him shooting hoops with the kids.
 I didn't stay long and spy on him....just long enough to see him following through on his shooting a little better than yesterday.
 I was not planning on tackling clutter today, but it was tripping me up and staring me in the face.  I could ignore it no longer.  It was bad.  I know I haven't vacuumed well in here since March bc Hailey's bday confetti was stuck in between my toes.  And I know I have baskets of clutter in here from Christmas.  I have discovered that when I have a bday party, I don't put stuff away after. I stick it in a basket and put my feet up.  Well, sorta. But I don't put it away like I should.  Bad.  I found half bday stuff for Shelb and it reminded me I really need to plan her real bday that was a month ago.  I can't get caught up...on anything...clutter or bdays or anything!  I have to be tripping over it at midnight before I do something about it!
 He had to line up all his Paw Patrol stuff today so we could start making his bday/Christmas list...of the things he doesn't have.  This kid is the funniest.  Always planning for the next time he can get a gift!
 Found them behind closed doors...playing AG dolls!  I never thought they'd get these things out again.  This is what summer is about...playing with old toys...and actually getting along :)
 I caught him in action during a scrimmage when I went back...he was doing pretty good on defense!
 He got a basket while I was watching too!
 Big and little guys in the huddle :)
 Telling me it's weird to take a pic of a pic when I have the real pic to show off :)  True!
 Shelb's been looking forward to day!  I didn't remember it being so involved when I got them. But I do remember failing my own contact lens fitting...I could not keep my eyes open to get those buggers in!  Finally on day 2 I did!  she did better than me!
 The assistant put the contacts in first...
 She had to get them out...twice...and put them in twice...before she could pass the contact test.  No pressure.
 She had good humor about it even though it wasn't easy.
 The assistant was very helpful
 A little frustration....and maybe more over mom taking pics....nothing like eye pics to make ya' smile! :)
 I forgot how tricky those contacts are...sticky and curly...
 She's a persistent girl though!
 Her poor eyes were worn out...
 What big eyes you have...
 ...the better to see you with! :)...and finally in twice and out twice...success!
 This was her celebratory face :) lol :) Inside she was celebrating, I know!
Happy contact wearer! Now she can play sports and not wear glasses and see!  A new world!
 Poor D...not only is he sunburned, but he is having a couple different since Saturday...hard to see in the pic, but it's either bites or a rash that is spreading.  Off to the dermatologist early tomorrow before camp.
 Coin club success!  Both Ash and D got lots of goodies. 
 Daddy took some pics at the oh-so-exciting coin club meeting :)  Can you spot D and his two buds?  They are the 3 youngest guys there :)
 Deep in conversation about coins, I'm sure!
My day's success...a cleaner bedroom.  Finally put away all my laundry and sorted through the clutter.  One small step at a time.                               
 Hailey was at a class ballet party tonight...but no pics yet...these are from Barb's going away last night...such a cute group of girls :)
 Great friends...gonna miss Barbara Ruth!  But Baylor is gaining a great student!
So funny...I bet this is Barb begging Hailey to go to Baylor too....she'd better go to IU before Texas!

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