Saturday, June 24, 2017

Day 2--England/New England

Another day in the double England's.  Yay!

Shelb was up early in the lil town of Havant.  Sounds like Emma and her mum took Shelb on the monorail and to a palace house with beautiful fountains and gardens of flowers.  It's exactly what you'd picture in England.  They also saw a pretty cool trailer made out of Legos.  It apparantly was fully working too. Neat!  Bfast and lunch were pretty American too. Rice Krispies and pizza.  Dinner on the other hand was British traditional--sausage and Yorkshire pudding!  Yay!  She sent us a pic and it looked delicious!  They cooked the sausage into the Yorkshire pudding.  Cool!  She only ate two bites, but apparently Emma didn't like it either so I guess it's not terrible manners not to finish it if your host doesn't.  I think it's cute that they eat dinner in front of the tv on TV trays. Definitely our kind of people. I wish we did that!  Kev and I used to before kids. Anyway, it sounded like a good day for Shelb.  She called us at one point bc her phone shut off and wouldn't work to take pics. It was weird to see a British number on our caller ID.  And we FaceTimed her this afternoon. We got to see the cute patio she's staying on. And we got to meet Emma. A very sweet girl.  She answered all my crazy questions. :) I guess Emma's mum is taking Shelby to do something in the morning. I thought Emma said golf, but not sure I translated that correctly?!  And Shelby gets to watch Emma in her theater group tomorrow. They are performing a play soon.  Apparently she appreciates the arts like we do!  And hopefully Shelb is getting some rest tonight. She looked tired on the phone. I think her take on things in England is that they aren't all that different than us. They eat similar food and watch tv, etc. Good to know!

And our New England day was up and down. We did sleep in a little, but not near enough. It rained most of the morning and we thought it'd be a wash of a day, but it turned around. We attempted to have a diner bfast in a streetcar but that didn't pan out bc they didn't have food the kids would eat. Then we drove for like an hour trying to find Honey Dew donuts. A rendition of Dunkin' Donuts in Boston.. But apparently many of them are just in gas stations.  Nice.  That's just the bfast I wanted. We finally found one, ate and were off to see Paul Revere's House.  It was the one part of the Frredom Trail we didn't see last year bc it was closed when we got there.  So we toured that and got our history in for the day. This trip it was the only part of the trail we saw. A little weird to not do more historical things this time but we did have fun doing other things!  Thankfully the weather cleared up just in time for us to take a free sailboat trip. Very cool.  They made us wait a heck of a long time bc I think they pushed our number to the back on accident. But we were patient and they gave us free snacks & drinks in the process. But the sail was worth it. So pretty on the water and Kev got to be captain for a bit and Hailey was in control of the sail. So if ballet doesn't work out maybe she can be part of the Boston sailing club.  The cool thing is that on the way out we saw one of Hailey's old bloomington ballet  friends.  Crazy small world!  Total coincident. Then we raced to shake shack at the seaport (yumm!) and Ash had the funniest flat bun grilled cheese.  Finally 2.5 hrs late we moved Hailey into her high rise apt.  Same place as last year but a single and half the girls. Great group of (4) girls (all from SAB).  We did a quick shop at Trader Joe's (she has to cook all her meals the next 5 house mom or cafeteria, but I think that sounds fun!) and we made a quick stop for aloe and sunscreen at Walgreens (pale Hays got burned in that boat today!)  and then Hailey unpacked and we said our goodbyes. We hit the fancy mall across the street and ate at California pizza kitchen (a bigger hit than the pizza with tomatoes from last night).  And we tried to end the night with cold stone but the line was out the door. Poor daddy was bummed. Instead we got gas station ice cream and back to the hotel for swimming and game fun. Let the record show I beat Dyl in boston bball!  Now we're all chillin and watching Disney (daddy is snoring away!). A full day, but I almost wish we had another day to tour.  Oh well. This year we'll be back to see Hailey at the end and hopefully we can do more then.  For now we are tired and especially tired of maneuvering around this city.  Those who built it and mapped it need to do a redo. It's confusing as all get out to drive around here!  We got lost more times than not!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Sounds like an awesome day for both you guys, and Shelby and Emma! You know how to pack alot into a day!! Safe travels back to Indiana :)