Sunday, June 25, 2017

Day 3--England--goodbye New England

Well, we are sitting comfortably in a very nice Fairfield inn in PA.  We stopped early to let the kids swim and get to bed early for once.  It's been a long day of driving and for some reason the traffic has been terrible. Very busy for a Sunday. A fairly uneventful day.  We slept in a little in Boston. Got the kids a dozen Dunkin' Donuts, and Kev and I indulged in a down home bfast at Buddy's. This was the streetcar diner I mentioned yesterday that I thought the kids wouldn't eat at (feta pancakes?). Anyway, the food was great...eggs and home fries and an English muffin (an open face sandwich for Kev). I've been eating English muffins in honor of my England girls. Haha.  That bfast hit the spot and it was such a cute atmosphere.   Our bedroom is bigger than this streetcar and it only seats like 15 people.  Anyway, on the way out of town we stopped by Bunker Hill since it was by our hotel.  Love this monument.  It sits in such a pretty area.  We got a nice family pic with our cardboard clone heads.  And said our goodbyes to Boston!  This city is kinda growing on me. I might almost like it more than NYC. Almost. We drove halfway home and are in this super nice hotel.  I've never seen ceilings so tall in a hotel room. And the pool was adorable and super warm.  Plus shallow enough so we didn't need to swim with Lo. One downer if our pool stays is we forgot his life vest and have had to swim with him.  Not tonight, thankfully!  And I even used the exercise room to work off my Wendy's dinner. :)

Hays had her placement class today at Boston ballet.  She had two teachers she liked and tomorrow she jumps into it all bright and early. She spent some time at her apt top pool and then at the mall across the street.  Tonight she made her first meal on her own. Orange chicken and rice. She's growing up!  Haha :)

And my England girl.  She texted me at 2am asking me questions. Lol.  I guess since I can't be there in Britain, I should still live on their time. But she was up early to drop Emma at her theater class and then to go to a farm with Emma's mum.  The farm they went to was beautiful. I forget the name now but she got a souvenir guenea pig (stuffed thankfully!) She got to see all kinds of animals (like a petting zoo)--real guenea pigs, llamas and a bird like an emu that tried to peck her phone :). Fun. She enjoyed the morning. And the view of the farm was gorgeous. Not like farms in Indiana. Just rolling English countryside. And the afternoon was spent watching Emma practice her theater show. She's performing Goodnight Mister Tom in a couple weeks.  I think Shelb watched her for like 4-5 hours. That's a lot of practicing.  Shelb had some good down home English food today. A crumpet for bfast. Looked yummy and she liked it. And a ham sandwich for lunch, I think, and some of her goldfish she brought from home. :) Plus the cutest English tart.  And for dinner it was chicken and mashed potatoes and carrots (she refused the bangers that were served--she's determined she's not a sausage girl).  I do love how they serve individual sealed cups.  Seems like she eating well. But she admits she misses her bfast cereal the most (strawberry special K).   We FaceTimed her today again and she looked exhausted. Like how she looks after she's been sick.  I guess she's not sleeping much. She has a nice room on their yellow porch but it's full light even via ceiling and it's not allowing for much rest because it's so bright. I told her to build a head tent to keep the sun out. I hope she does this bc she needs her sleep to function, and tomorrow starts school and they get up st 5am and have to take the train to school. Praying she's resting comfortably under her head tent and I get no 2am texts . :)

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