Monday, June 26, 2017

Day 4--England...and Home!

 (here's a few pics too...that I just posted on fb...but I know not everyone has access to that)
 Shelb's day in England yesterday...visiting a beautiful pond outside an English farm.  It's how I imagine the English countryside to be.
 Our free sailboating experience in Boston on Saturday. (love that city backdrop and the sun shining on us...minus the sunburn it gave Kev and two whities :))...and below is our goodbye to Boston at Bunker Hill....minus to girls, but plus 2 cardboard heads.  One of these days it'll just be Kev and I and our 5 clone heads.  That will be weird (though maybe it's weird already to have 2 :))

Well, we are home.  Can't say it's good or bad to be here. Just weird having only 5 of us. We are used to 6, but 2 gone seems weird.  But we will deal with it. :)  The trip back was anticlimactic.  I guess that is good. We slept in a bit, had a nice bfast at the hotel (truly, this hotel was probably the nicest we've ever stayed in...I know I said that, but it's nice to stay in the lap of luxury :))...anyway...we hit the road and were on our way.  Less traffic, not much drama in the was good. Not sure how we got on the subject of the house, but probably it was me looking at the calendar and realizing that we have like one more month of summer and it is practically booked up and we have very little wiggle room to fit in all the stuff I wanted to do around the house...painting, stuff on the walls, a wall unit in the living room, etc. (all things I wanted to do TWO years ago...can you believe it's been that long since we've been in the house?!  I cannot.) happened to work out perfectly that we were driving by the IKEA in Ohio at about the right time. So we stopped on a whim.  It was a crazy whim, but we did it anyway.  Just to see what they had.  They ended up having the perfect wall unit for our living room (it was in gray, but we would have it in white).  I hemmed and hawed a little about it bc I didn't really want true white (our house is mostly off white/beige), and it wasn't staggered on the top like our kitchen which is what I wanted...and it had a lot of glass, which scares me a little with Logan, but it was a 1/3 of the price we've been quoted to have one built.  Plus this one could be removed if we moved (oddly enough we are talking about that....don't think we are crazy even if we are :)).  Anyway....but after we made the decision to buy it, we discovered it would not fit in our van with 3 kids (by like 1 inch).  And we just couldn't decide which kid to leave behind :)  haha :)  So, we left only buying 3 slushies for hungry kids.  I guess we should be glad we left only spending $4.50!  We shall see if we make a trip back. But it does give me some stuff to think about it. And I hope it gets us moving to decorate and paint and finally get settled!  By 7pm we were home.  Home sweet home.

Our New Englander had a good first day of ballet class at SDP (Summer dance program) at BB (Boston Ballet). She was placed in the highest level and with all 3 of her roommates, which is good news considering 4 of them share 2 keys and need to be on a similar schedule.  She liked both her teachers today and I am sure she was tired tonight.  She only ate cereal. I hope she gets some protein in the morning. I do worry a little that she might be too tired to feed herself well during the week.  I hope she has some quick heat up meals. I know I am tired at the end of the day and I don't do 6 or more hours of ballet.

And our Real Englander....she only sent me 2 pics today...of her bfast, pancakes...I was shocked they had these there...but the downer is they don't use syrup or whipped cream and she does not like jelly or jam (they use this on everything).  I think she should try it and might learn to like it. She likes fruit and it's about the same thing just with sugar, right?  But she was happy with her bfast. And I got a nice 1am text pic with it.  Thx, Shelb!  I also got a nice pic of the ostrich she drew in art class today.  It was a cross between a turkey and an emu, I think.  Or a very pregnant ostrich. I will have to post pics lately.  She sounded a little "eh" today when we facetimed in the van.  She had to get up early to get ready and on the train with Emma to school. And I guess the school day was a little boring (as it would be if you didn't really have to be in school and it was summer vacation, so I couldn't blame her there).  I guess she went to all Emma's classes with, tech, wood lab (aka "tech tech"), math, gym and lunch.  She had to make something weird in wood lab (which is like woodworking in the USA).  I didn't understand what it was and she didn't either. She copied what Emma did.  It was something to do with self-reflection I think.  She got to do math in math class, which was a little hard bc Emma is a year older than her.  She said her fav. subject was lunch. Does that even count?  Honestly I was happy with that bc she was a little scared about lunch. We had heard it was yorkshire pudding. It was not. There were choices. They ran out of pasta, which bummed her out, but she had two tomato and cheese sandwhiches which she said were good.  She also sat outside, which she thought was fun (we can't do this at our middle schools).  She didn't eat with Emma, but with a friend from the US and her host.  I guess that's ok.  I wouldn't pass up eating outside on a nice day....the rest of the days in England it might rain.  Emma wanted to eat in the library.  But maybe she had to study or doesn't like sun.  The interesting part of the day was dealing with English girls. Apparently there are mean girls in England?  Who knew?!  They all seem so proper and sweet on tv.  But I guess they are not.  A group of like 10 of them I guess are bullies.  They pick on Emma (and other kids too, I'm sure) and after Shelb and Emma came back to the classroom after a bathroom break these girls wouldn't let them in the room.  Well, Shelb is my strong-willed girl and she just pushed herself right through them to get through.  She showed them!  I was proud of her!  Showing those British girls that US girls don't stand for that! :)  So, we shall see how the rest of the week of school goes. I hope it goes better than today.  After school the USA group and the Bourne group got together to play Rounders outside the school (which Shelby had already played during PE class). It's a British version of baseball that seems to have no rules (or different rules) you just have to swing the bat, but not actually hit the ball and you don't have to touch the bases?  Hmmm.  Seems fishy to me!  She said it was ok.  I'm glad it was a nice day and they could be outside.  And she said it was good to see her USA friends.  Tomorrow is a half day of school and off to see a castle. I hope she takes more pics. I need to live vicariously through her! I will start posting more (pics) tomorrow.  Tired today. 

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