Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Day 5--England (a beautiful castle, but some struggles and tears)..and jumping back into things at home

 A couple castle pics from England (Shelb's in bright pink)....will post more tomorrow on here....
Well, today we jumped back into things.  I felt more exhausted than normal after a vacation, so it probably should have been a good down day, but I promised my fav. ballet moms I would meet with them, so I wanted to keep that date!  So, off we went bright n early to the park.  The kids weren't super excited bc they also seemed to want a down day of just loafing off around the house.  But the exercise did them good and it was actually a gorgeous day...sunny and actually cool (for summer). I got to catch up with my mom friends and just chill and the three youngest sibs just played on the playground, which was hoppin' with kids and moms.  Lo and Dyl did clash a few times...this seems to happen more and more lately.  Dyl antagonizes a little and teases and Lo is feisty and screamy.  It's not a good combo.  And Ash got bored and just wanted to sit by me (maybe she misses her sisters?).  Dylan did become the game leader of the playground and at one point he had a bunch of little boys following him around.  It was cute and he was proud of that :)  After that we raced off to the minute clinic to get Dyl a physical for his big boy scout campout next week.  We found out last night he needed it by tomorrow. Good grief.  Why do you need a physical to camp...or at least why did he need one now and not a few weeks ago for that campout?  So we had to wait at CVS for that bc our peds office couldn't get us in last minute. And at CVS we got there right as the lady was going on break.  So we waited for an hour  By 2pm we had still not eaten lunch.  But I didn't dare leave bc I wanted to be first in line. But we were all starving and tired by then. Thankfully the NP was really nice and very thorough and it didn't take long once she called us. Then had to stop by the peds office and get D's immunization record for camp too. Good grief, this is more than they need to go to school!  Then finally home for lunch by 3:30pm.

I was just about to sit and eat my grilled cheese, when my cell rang. I didn't pick up bc I didn't recognize the number.  Then the same number called our home phone.  It was Shelby calling from a friend's cell.  I could tell she was panicked.  She was at a restaurant for dinner and was having some anxiety over her host situation.  I think it had come to a head with her teacher that evening too and she was just feeling some angst about it.  Without going into too much detail bc I know this is a public blog, I will just say there is a little clash of personalities and I get the feeling both her host and herself are just too strong willed girls.  Shelby is also feeling that her host is controlling her a bit and if you Shelby, you know that anyone that tries to control her and makes her feel inferior is a huge turnoff.  The feisty mom in me was immediately defensive and upset too bc by the time we ended our conversation she was in tears.  But the level-headed mom in me, told her that she just needed to be a good example and make the best of the situation.  We all have things about ourselves that drive others crazy.  We all annoy people in some ways.  But the best way to tackle those situations is to just not let it affect you.  To focus on the positives...in this case she needs to really enjoy each moment that she can in this beautiful country because she may not get to go there again.  And maybe to learn from the differences of the culture and the people and even this certain household.  Goodness knows our household is not completely normal and we don't treat each other perfectly.  I think it his a good life lesson on how to deal with conflict and make the best of uncomfortable situations. And maybe to learn how not to treat people, especially if you are hosting (which we might be October).  Life is all about learning. And maybe God placed her in this situation for a reason.  I told her it's because maybe she'll be this awesome lawyer someday and this is one of the ways she needs to learn to be strong in her convictions, yet kind with her words.  I know she can do this.  I know it's not easy, but if anyone can do it, it's our strong and determined Shelb!  So, that was the jest of the evening.  I actually don't think she was at school or with her host for very long today. She texted me early this morning (another 1am-er, I think), with a pic of her crumpet meal.  Yumm!  And then she was off to school early again with Emma. She cracked me up....she took a pic on the train of the bully that has been harassing Emma.  That way I can post it on my blog to warn the world!  If anyone can take care of British bullying single-handedly, it's Shelb! ha!  Anyway...I think they were at school 45 mins before all the US students left on the train to go to Arundel castle for the day. Just gorgeous!  She wasn't allowed to take pics inside, but the outside pics were amazing. Breathtaking view.  And I love castles.  Wish I could have been there!  She got a couple souvenirs there and a sandwich for lunch, I think. Then they met most of their hosts for dinner at Nandos.  I thought it was an English place, but when I looked it up it's Portugese food and from Africa, but somehow the headquarters is in London?  Confusing if you ask me?  They only sold chicken.  And Shelb split a yummy looking wing meal with her US friend.  It had all types of wings...one that made her hair on her arms stand up and her nose run! That's my kind of meal!  But she said it was good, I think. It was nice to talk to her twice today. We facetimed again and chatted about life when daddy was home from work.  I think she is doing good overall...but just hard to deal with some of this real-life drama when you are in another country, unable to really communicate well with your own family...and you're only 13. Some of this stuff is stuff I dealt with when I was much older...even in college.  But she's doing it and she'll be a better person for it.  Saying a little prayer tonight for my U.S. Englander.

And our New Englander is doing well, I think...little news from her except that ballet went "pretty good" today and she was going over to a friend's apt for dinner.  So sophisticated!

And tonight Kev and I are hashing out the rest of our summer (not much left).  Trying to get our house plans in order for getting stuff done. We shall see how much we can accomplish in a few weeks and a couple weekends.  I wish we had all of August too.  Ugh.

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