Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Day 6--England...and trying to find some down time at home!

 Only a few pics. I am low on space for downloading stuff so less is all I can do lately.  Here is Shelb at her last day of British school!  YAY!  And the kids below with all their piles of books (and movies!)     

Well, I will start with England today.  Our British traveler sounded well today.  A new day, a new outlook on life.  I think her first happiness was that she had her last day at British school today.  Nothing against their school, but she has been pretty bored there.  I am not sure if this means American schools are harder of if it's just a drag to go to school when it's summer for you.  But either way, she is glad it's done.  Nothing particularly exciting happened today...she went to classes with Emma (and apparently they don't have the same classes every day, so they were different classes...still boring...though she did sit by the bully today who's name is Mia).  Same crumpet bfast, similar sandwich lunch, though she did get chocolate ice cream and sent me a pic of that (she doesn't even like choc. ice cream, but she said it was pretty good).  I forgot to ask if she ate outside again or in the library, etc.  I assume not outside since it rained all day.  But she did take a nice pic of herself outside school per my request.  Thanks, Shelb! She looks mighty nice in her "uniform" :)  After school the Bourne and BTV kids were both supposed to go to the beach and play capture the flag, but they already knew it'd be raining so that event was sadly canceled, which bummed Shelb out. She was looking forward to it and last week they could have done that bc it was 90 all week in England. Stinkin' weather!  Oh well.  No control over that and they made the best of it and went bowling with the British kids. Honestly, I didn't know they had bowling in Britain. And from the pics I saw, their bowling alleys look just like ours.  Shelb was happy to report that she actually won one of her games with a score of over a hundred.  I was proud of her!  She's pretty sportsy lately!  Go, Shelb!  I think Mr. Messmann won overall, but still...Shelby put in a good effort!  She also took a fun pic of her getting a KitKat from a British vending machine. Apparently it was very good...better than US ones? Do they used different KitKat chocolate there?  Don't know!  And she had nachos for dinner at the alley. All very American if you ask me.  Hmmmm.  But they had fun.  She texted and facetimed once she got home.  She seemed in good spirits and we all got to raz her about life as we stared at her with her cardboard head in our hands :)....even daddy and Hailey facetimed her from work/Boston.  We love our Shelb! Tomorrow she is off to the shipyard and then Friday is London touring!  Fun!  I think she's excited about all that.  Some of this normalcy has not made England look all the exciting.  Love you, Shelb!  

And on the homefront, we are just being lazy. Honestly I am tired from all our travels and just trying to get organized before Shelby comes home and Dylan goes off to camp for a week.  Life just never slows down.  Sometimes I wonder what God was thinking giving me all of this to handle and organize. I was very organized when it was just me taking care of me...but me taking care of 7 is a mess! :)  I slept in a little today, caught up on some calendar stuff, took the kids to the library (Lo is the last Steg kind to finish his reading program).  Crazy that we did it all in less than 4 weeks. I think that's a record.  He was super excited to get a free Paw Patrol book with stickers in it!  Then we went to Barnes and Noble and signed up for their reading program.  I had forgotten about it til today.  The kids were happy.  They really are into reading this summer...and if it's one thing that makes kids smart and do well in school, I really think it's reading.  Ash was super excited to use her B&N gift card to buy a new chapter book AND to buy some Starbucks!  She has been wanting SB since Boston and every time we passed one, we were in a rush and couldn't stop.  We saw scones there and thought of Shelb, who oddly enough hasn't had any in England.  I hope she eats more authentic food in London!  Anyway....after our book trips we headed home for lunch and some tv...and then chatted with Shelb and did some chores, played in tents....made dinner (one I'd not made before...not sure it was a hit)....D ran off to boy scouts with Kev...and Ash did some dancing for me. She is a performer by heart. I need to learn how to channel that talent.  Not sure if it's ballet or singing or what?  And our frustration tonight is over boy scouts.  After getting a physical yesterday and waiting 2 hours for it, we find out it's the wrong paperwork and needs to be redone.  And since it was at a CVS (bc our peds couldn't get us in bc scouts notified us so last minute), we may have to pay for it again.  I am not happy at the organization of this scout troop right now.  Going back to CVS is not something we need to do tomorrow.  Ugh.
(And Hailey....not sure how her Boston day went...she is a girl of few words.  I think her day went ok and I know she's alive.  But that's all I got out of her.  Love you, Hays. 

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