Thursday, June 29, 2017

Day 7--England! And Ashley's special day :)

 I really hope to update with better pics later, but I am mostly getting the England ones from the batchelortelevision instagram (which anyone can look at if you don't need to be an instagram person...I am not!) are the British and Americans together today at the shipyard in front of a cool ship.  Can you spot Shelby and Emma. Great pic of them all!
 LOL!  Cute, Shelb and Grace and Emma (American Emma...not host) :)
And below is my Ash...I have tons of pics from today, but I love this one. It was her special day and I think she enjoyed it :)

Well, Shelb's time in England is coming to a close. As I type it's after 2am for her and she is fast asleep on her yellow English porch...her last night at Emma's house.  Kinda bittersweet.  I know she is ready to come home, but at the same time I know she's been having a great time.  Someday she will look back on all this with fond memories (I hope). was a full day...she did get up early and head to school on the train with Emma as usual (and she sent me a pic at 1am of her bfast crumpet, only this time it was smothered in raspberry jam).  YAY, she had branched out and tried something new!  The British use a lot of jam and no whipped cream or syrup on things like we do.  Shelb is not a fan of jam or jelly.  But I am glad she tried something new since most English folk put jam on their crumpets. Anyway....once at school, all the U.S. kids gathered and took a train to Portsmouth (Dockyards with ships).  They took a boat ride, played inside on some games and got to see how sailors lived and ate.  She sent me this pic of some food that I thought she had to eat.  It looked like diarrhea.  Turned out it was fake.  She had Subway for lunch, I think. Phew. She must have been happy. She has eaten some very American food over there.  Not sure if that is branching out much for her!  Anyway...she also sent me a pic of a Victoria sponge cake, that looked delicious and had custard in it.  I guess that was her idea of trying something new. Not sure I agree since most desserts are probably going to be good!  Plus it was from Pret a Manger.  Don't those originate in NYC!?  Anyway...after school hours, the British hosts joined the Americans for shopping. I guess there is an outlet mall near the Dockyards.  And Shelb sounded like that was one of her fav things (she is a shopper like her Nina's...whereas daddy would have loved the ship part...she was pretty bored with it after awhile).  But Shelb was happy to show me she bought a nice pink Coach wallet on sale!  Her big British purchase!  She was very excited about it. Nina G. would be too...she loves purses! haha :) that was pretty much her day.  She facetimed me late at night and Kev at work too...and not sure if we will see her again over there.  She moves to London tomorrow to tour for one last day and then they spend the night in a hotel...and fly off the next morning.  Can't believe how fast the time has flown. And can't wait to see all sites she sees tomorrow in the big city!  So grateful to Emma and her mum for taking such good care of our girl and being gracious hosts.  I have asked Shelb twice what her fav. part of the trip was, and it was being with all the British kids.  That makes me happy to hear bc that is what exchange trips are all about! :) 

And on the homefront it was a good day...busy, but good. I decided yesterday that the next three days would each be one of the homebound kids' days.  Something to make them each feel special even though they are at home and might not be at exciting destinations like England or New England! (though Bloomy is a close 3rd to those!) Today was Ashley's day.  She made a list last night of all the things she wanted to do/see/eat.  It's best told through pics, but in case I run out of time to do that tonight, I'll just give a quick rundown....cinnamon rolls for bfast, a trip to Kroger to get her fav. foods, Starbucks for her fav. drink, to the park and creek to catch crawdads and minnows and have a picnic, orange leaf after, then her choice of dinner (crescent dogs and sides), played a mouthful of fun game...and running on the trail (yes, running...she has never run before but this was on her list)...and then a trip to the dollar store to find painting stuff (ended up at Michaels bc the dollar tree had nothing)...and home to watch a movie (A Mermaid's Tale), and have Dr. Pepper floats and popcorn.  She had a full day, but it was fun and I loved her choices.  Love my Asher!

My Bostonian...had a busy, busy day....I think this is her longest ballet day.  But she endured.  I think she had a good classes, but I am sure she was tired.  I haven't seen any pics of her yet, but I did get to see her yummy looking turkey burger tonight and some yummy, healthy sides that she and her roommate made.  I am glad they are cooking together.  Much more fun to cook with someone than alone. And I am glad she's eating some protein after a long day!  She got her ACT score and did spendidly (a 31, I think...she's way smarter than I ever was).  This means she is officially done with standardized testing forever!  YAY!  Way to go, Hays!  Nice to check that off the list!

Miss my traveling girls!    pics to come...check back later....

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Anonymous said...

Loved this post! Sounds like Shelby had a great day and I loved hearing about everything! What a FUN Ashley day!! Wonderful choices and I know she felt special! Can't wait to see more pics! We are having an awesome time at the Gritzs house! Dinner was to die for !! Can't wait to try this meal at home and the yeasty, yummy hot rolls were so amazing! Art contest tonight( yep, me doing art!!!) and lots of fun..I am a pathetic artist but I TRIED!! AUstin even let me win a couple times! loved hearing about Hailey! Hard to believe your 1st born is done with high school testing!!!! HOw can that be??????? Congrats Hays on the testscore and sounds like you are busy as can be in Boston! So whose day is it tomorrow for fun choices at the Steg home? Enjoy! ❤️❤️ NIna PS, ahhh Shelb, a chip off the old block buying Coach and PINK! That's my girl!! 😁😍