Sunday, June 11, 2017

Lazy-ish Sunday...a new room turnaround :)

 Quick post, few pics (today and also updated yesterday's post a little)...a nice Sunday...not as lazy as we need or want...but better than the normal super, violin, then time at home.  D was thrilled to win the kindness/helpfulness prize of the week...a fidget cube from NYC.  Honestly I have never had a more helpful kid...he was awesome this week asking how he could help all day every day.  I could get used to that!  Then some time outside again...simple fun in the pool...easy.  Then time to start rearranging the rooms...the girls room is first on the list.  We finally took the plunge and took the beds apart.  I actually love how it looks.  I will have to take better pics in daylight.  By the time we facetimed Hailey it was dark out.  Next up boys room...then lots of painting (maybe Pops can help?  haha :)).  Hays is on countdown to coming home (Saturday night!)...she'll only be home for 4 days, but it'll be nice to have her home (last summer she had to go straight to Boston).  It was her last time at church in NYC for awhile...and her last time hanging out with Barb, I think...they had a yummy dinner/bfast at a diner.  I miss NYC...they have such good food :)


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Nancy Gritter said...

LOVE the bedroom change!! Thats awesome!! It actually looks BIGGER!! Way to go Dylan, being so kind and helpful!! You deserve that prize!! That meal you had Hays, looked awesome!! Have a safe trip home and enjoy your four days, hopefully catching up on sleep! Love you all!! Nina