Friday, June 9, 2017

My Five

Too tired for more than a handful of pics....and these are pretty random....but these are 5 of my most fav. people and they are growing up so fast...and it's my life's mission to document their lives...the good and the bad, the happy and sad! :)

Lo, he was my bud all week. I was his VBX leader.  Heaven help me.  He wasn't all that bad, but in combination with a good number of kids just like him...well, let's just say I think I am done being a preschool VBX leader. While I loved being a preschool sub for his classroom, VBX was a whole 'nother level of crazy chaos.  I can't remember being this tired in a long time!  And the glare he gave me today during snack time says it all.  It was time for it to be Friday! :)  But I love this kid. And we did have some fun times this week learning about Gadgets and Gizmos and being a light for Jesus!
My beauty, Ash.  She is having a lovely laid back summer. She declared this week that she wants to do camps, no activities.  I am totally with her there!  She is my simple girl.  She picks me flowers for our tables, reads more than Hailey even did at this age and just likes to veg out!
Still the most laid back kid in our family. My happy-all-the-time-guy!  He was especially happy tonight to be at Urban Air jumping for 4.5 hours.  Yikes!  I bet he sleeps good tonight! 

The comic relief of our fam...though who wouldn't have their mouth wide open over the largest box of sour patch kids in NYC.  Nice!  I really hope she does channel her energy and her big-mouthy-ness and become a great lawyer...maybe a lawyering-violinist :)
And my sweet New Yorker...sometimes I still close my eyes and she is a preschooler like Lo.  Those were the first days I really got to know her...I feel I worked full time or was in school til she was about 4.  So my most vivid memories are when she was Logan's age.  And now she's pretty much on her own.  She is so brave, so smart, so amazing to take on the daily challenges she does every day.  I admire her so.

It amazes me daily how fast time flies...and how quicker it seems to go as these children of my get older.  Love each of these 5 so very much.  I might be losing my mind most days, but I never doubt how blessed I am!

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