Sunday, June 4, 2017

New York exhaustion!

NYC exhaustion is just in a league of its own.  I think we were all running on fumes today. Little sleep, soreness from walking like 10miles yesterday :). And just mental exhaustion from all the excitement of seeing our fav ballerina dance and taking in the sights of the city. I'd like to say we slept in, but we did not.  We did oversleep, but not enough to feel rested. Off to meet Hailey in the a.m. for bfast at one of her fav diners near Lincoln center. It was delicious.  Hit the spot. I felt sick most of yesterday so food today seemed so much better!  Then we wandered Central Park (Nina's first time). It was a little cold and drizzly, but we thought it might rain all day so a little overcast drizzle wasn't too bad.  The park was all a bustle.  Shelb got to be at one with lots of turtles, we sailed a sailboat in the pond, and Hailey reluctantly let me take some rainy ballet pics, since we won't be back to NYC til September now. So much to see in the park.  And always lots of walking which is Nina's fav!  We almost lost her a few times. :). Then down to the main Shake Shack to give Nina a taste of her first shakeburger. Yumm. She does get bonus points for eating it in the cold rain. Then down to Battery park to get our ride on the state island ferry. The only free thing to do in NYC :). It was a nice ride and a great view if the city and statue.  I think Nina liked it. Then daddy escorted Hays back to her dorm and Shelb and I went candy shopping at the seaport. Then a quick chipotle in our hotel room.  Nina turned in early and put her feet up. I think our NYC jaunts have worn her out, especially the stairs.  I can totally see her being one of the sleepy subway riders who falls fast asleep in their seat.  She definitely got her exercise here!   It was a great time though having her with us. I think she got a good taste of the city. And we loved having Shelb along too. She succeeded in finishing her teen bday scanvenger hunt so daddy went to Times Square tonight and got her prize.  Nice daddy!  Plus she had fun razzing her oldest sis and being there to support her in her first workshop. And tomorrow we head back to boring Indiana and reality.  But I do miss my other 3 and can't wait till see then.  Adios, NYC. It's been fun! :)

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