Friday, June 16, 2017

Poison Ivy, Last day of bball camp, shopping for England with Nina, Hailey's last day of ballet at SAB (til Sept) and an otherwise very busy day!

 Wow, a busy day.  I am tired. And this weekend is going to be rockin'.  I might be taking a break from bloggin'! :)  Here's the rundown.  I am soooo thankful we got the D-man into the dermatologist this morn before bball camp. He had to get up early, but even he didn't complain.  This itch has been bothering the heck out of him!  So grateful our derm fit us in...she's great.  Otherwise we would have had to wait til after Boston.
 Guess what it is...Poison Ivy!  Craziness.  Never thought it was that, don't know why.  We've never had to deal with this.  I guess it started at boy scout camp on his leg here.  We just thought it was a bite.  And the poor thing had it spread...all over...even to his man parts.  Ouch.  I feel badly that he's had to deal with this for 2 weeks!
 We celebrated the diagnosis and the start of new meds with donuts!  He was one happy camper! :)
 He was feeling revved up and ready to go after those donuts...on to bball camp!  Last day!  Though it might be a fashion no-no to wear a soccer shirt to bball...tired mama just couldn't do another load of laundry.
 Mooooooom....nooooo more pictures.....pleeaaaase!
 follow-through is better...
 can you spot him....far left in the back....
 I didn't show up in time to watch his scrimmage....but I did see him win a couple free NBA items!  He loved this camp...and wants to go again next year.  Cool!

Loggy found a friend when we went to pick D up...Grace!  His fav. leader at Awana!
He loves Grace! :)

 D and his stuff from the Denver Nuggest where Jared Jeffries played.  Cool!  Crazy Shelb photo bombing :)
 D had waited all week to buy himself a powerade from the machine.  He can get them half the price at Kroger, but watching the machine deliver it was worth the double price!
 Time to renew the cello. Kind of a hassle, bc they lost our paperwork...but then found it.  Can't believe this place has upgraded so much. I remember when Shelby started her lessons here like 6 years ago at the little place downtown.
 This place is huge now.  They even had a ton of uekeles!
 Then time to try the drive thru challenge again at our fav. place...Chickfila!  We met this stranger in the double drive thru lane....weird!                              

 He must have known us bc he took our pic :)
 We'll see if they made it to 200 cars today...last Friday they didn't make it...probably bc most of their customers were still at VBX :)
 We normally try to eat outside Chickfila, but it was so busy...we just ate in the Target parking lot.  But this cute guy joined us :)  Bonus is that our meal only cost a couple dollars.  I love free food from A-list!
 We met Nina at Target...time to shop for England.  She is awesome to do this. She does this with Hailey too for NYC.  What would we do without our shopping Ninas!!??
 We couldn't get out of there w/o looking at Paw Patrol...ya' know he's making his bday list...only 6 months away!
 Cool dad's day ideas...wish they had them in the right size.  But a picture is cheaper anyway :)  Plus our dad likes his old shirts from like 20 years ago with holes in them :)
 Time to get our library prize (emoji frisbees) for the week.  Ash is almost done with her log!  She is a super reader!  The boys are doing great too!
 Poor Loggy...he bumped into my elbow on the way out :(
 Shopping time...for England, Father's Day, life.
 Super excited about an all-metal fidget spinner from Nina Stegs. 
 Someone was wishing he had one, I think....
 Super shopper Shelb...she might take after her Ninas :)  Thank you, Nina Stegs!  She looks so different in her contacts...doesn't she?
 Finally poison ivy relief.
 Wow....ready for England....she has to dress up a lot to go to school there.  But she's ready!  Thank you, Nina and Poppy for doing all this.  A huge help to us!
 My helpers.  I appreciate them!
 I looked out the window and saw hims sitting there on the watering can after watering the garden.  A penny for this thoughts...
 Pizza night...yay!
 Some of our ideas for gifts for Shelby's host family in England.  An IU shirt for Emma, of course...and some goodies....patriotic Oreos and Twinkies...and some peanut better stuff (GS cookies and M&M's) and cinnamon altoids. We read/heard these are not common things there.  We still might get more...
 Hailey is officially done with her Junior Year in NYC...last day of ballet til Sept (at SAB...Boston starts in a week!)  Congrats on a job well done, Hayeee!  We are proud of you!
 We taped the ol' clone back together just for this special day :)
Oh what a joyful gang we have...ready to see our Hays in less than 24 hours!  YAY!

A busy day...but good.  Now onto Holiday World....oh, and Happy 38th bday to my awesome young bro! :)


Melissa said...

Poor Dylan! I'm in week 3 of poison ivy. Don't know how I got it either. Hope it clears up soon!

Anonymous said...

We have loved ones in the U.K. and the stuff they love is: peanut butter, American candies, marshmallows!, wild rice, old bay, and zaps chips