Monday, June 5, 2017

Should be home...

...but we're not.

I was really hoping for a drama-free day, but no such luck.

All was fine early this morn.  We got up early as planned. Had our free bfast at our hotel, got our van from the parking garage and got all our (plus Hailey's dozen) bags crammed in it. All of us were snoozing (minus responsible driver Kev :)) by 930am. Until our tire gauge went off. We had just gone thru an accident zone, so thought maybe we had a flat.  Thankfully a turkey hill gas station in Bethlehem was right off that highway. That became our home away from home today.  Sure enough our tire went flat right away.  But to make a long story short it had nothing to do with a flat tire, but a bad parking job by a garage attendant that had damaged the side of our van pretty badly and completely damaged our wheel rim (which we didn't notice til then).  Soooo after waiting almost 2 hours for AAA, we had to have them change our tire and drive down the road to get a new wheel rim.  The silver lining in this is that we weren't stopped on the side of the highway during this, it was day time, we spent most of our time at a nice Wendy's, Kev was also able to help a young driver get her dead car out of the middle of the road and then her car was towed by our tow truck, and although we are now 4 hours behind schedule, we only had to pay $10 for the new rim---of course the damages from the NYC parking garage will be much more and they have denied any wrong doing of course. But I'm trying to focus on positives here!  And our tire light just went off again for some reason and we are still 3 hours from home. Ugh. Poor Kev. He's exhausted.  And we all (minus Nina) have to get up early for work or VBX---oh joy.  But we're making the best of it. We've had some good laughs over Nina's sanitary, tooting and snoring habits. :). I'm sure she can't wait to travel with us again!  And the best part of the day/night was knowing our ballerina performed in the big workshop evening for the donors.  It was a great success I'm sure, and she said it went great. She is now at a celebratory dinner for the cast. Bravo, Hays!  A job well done!  She was so blessed to be a part of her two dances and we were blessed to be able to watch her and spend time with her!  Now back to reality. Not super excited, but happy to see my three missing kids tomorrow...if we make it home! :)

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